A Common Misconception About Powder Coating

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Among architects, manufacturers, custom coaters, and government agencies, powder coatings are becoming the product of choice. The reason for the rise of popularity in powder coating techniques is due to the fact that the benefits of powder coating compared to liquid coatings continue to become better understood as we learn more about them and powder coating technologies continue to evolve. More stringent verification processes have also evolved as powder coating has grown as an industry and has become more widely used. These verification processes are governed by national and international specifications that are widely known and respected, and they offer users a broader range of looks. There are certain misconceptions when it comes to powder coatings that  people still hold, however. Read on to learn more about some misconceptions of the powder coating technique.Sundance Architectural Products, LLC provide powder coating Orlando FL residents rely on. If you’re looking for powder coating near me for your architectural structures, contact Sundance Architectural Products, LLC today!


Misconceptions About Powder Coating


Those who use powder coatings regularly, or who consider using them, may hold certain misconceptions about some products based on the description of the product. For example, one common misconception in the industry is that a powder coating that is identified as “super durable” can equate to enhanced corrosion properties. However, enhanced corrosion properties in reality primarily come from the quality of the substrate and the type of pre-treatment used in the finishing process. What these “super durable” coatings really offer is additional color and gloss retention over a longer period of time when compared to the standard durable polyester. Critical to the success of any coating system is the pretreatment system, and the right size washer with the correct amount of stages- cleaning, rinsing, chemical application, final rinse, and seal- comprise the backbone of corrosion protection. Some other factors to keep in mind include the length of each stage, the amount of heads and nozzles that compose each stage, and the PSI rating necessary to achieve proper impingement for rinsing and cleaning the parts.


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Also, there is the common misconception that a “super durable” polyester product automatically will meet the AAMA 2604 performance specification, when it is not necessarily true. Many raw materials are required to produce a formula that meets the performance criteria of AAMA 2604. In addition to proper resin selection, there are also specific color and filler pigments that are required to meet the five-year gloss and color guidelines. There are standards for cleaning and maintaining the finish following the completion of a powder coated project, and the AAMA uses South Florida as its test site for chalking, film integrity, color, and gloss retention performance. There are certain performance specifications for powder coatings set by the AAMA, and if you are looking for “powder coating near me” online, Sundance Architectural Products, LLC pride ourselves on being up to the highest standards and codes.


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