Add a Designer Look With A Metal Dock Canopy

commercial metal canopy

Are you interested in modern exterior design features that can combine aesthetic style with functionality? Here at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, we offer a wide range of different features you can invest in to make the most of your business space and share with the world your artistic side. It’s not just about looks, but also the functionality. Our personal favorite is the commercial metal canopy, a feature with the functionality of awnings, but with more flexibility in its appearance. Interested in learning more about the metal canopy, and how we at Sundance can help you transform the exterior of your building into your vision? Let us share with you more details on why you should consider a canopy for your building. We are located in Orlando, FL.


What you Need to Know about Canopies

As mentioned briefly, canopies offer much of the same functionality as awnings. These are protrusions that can stick out from your building to provide cover from the sun and weather. Awnings are fairly uniform in how they’re designed, and sometimes you want something with more personality. Canopies are far more flexible in terms of design. This not only means you can express your artistic side more, but you can also use it to cover strategic areas, such as a patio area. There are different kinds of canopies that are identifiable by how they’re held up. A wall-mounted canopy, for example, is usually held up by hanger rods or columns if it’s large enough.


The dock canopy is a sister to the wall-mounted canopy. It showcases all of the great design features of the wall-mounted canopy with a curved or bullnose front extrusion. This feature gives a designer look to an industrial application. It can also have an internal gutter system to control water runoff. This canopy is engineered to project out 4 – 6 feet without hanger rods or support columns.


More About Sundance for Your Commercial Metal Canopy

For years, we at Sundance have worked hard to provide businesses around the Orlando area with functional and aesthetic exterior features to help them maximize the potential of their outdoor space. Beyond awnings and canopies, we also offer various styles of decorative wall panels, metal wall panels, solar systems, and more. Our firm belief is that efficiency and functionality do not have to sacrifice style and aesthetics. Instead, we combine these elements together to create works of architecture that stand out and express a business’ style and personality.


Contact Us for a Metal Canopy Installation

Do you have more questions about installing a metal canopy on the exterior of your building? Are you interested to know more about commercial metal canopy options as well as other products offered by Sundance Architectural Products LLC? If so, we can help answer all of your questions and find the best products for you. Contact us today to learn more about our products and what we offer. For Orlando businesses, we can help you learn more about architectural products you can benefit from and how to modernize the look of your exterior metal wall panels.