Are Awnings Outdated?

When you picture awnings on a business, you may think of outdated patterns, worn fabrics, and a general downgrade in appearance. However, these are awnings of the past. Awnings today are much different than they have been in years past, and business owners can note a real difference not only in look but in performance as well. See how awnings have improved over time and learn how your business could benefit from a beautifully designed and expertly installed awning.

Keep You Cool

Equipping a beautiful building with outdoor space is a great way to expand the usable space of your building, and it can be a focal point of your building’s appearance. However, that outdoor space is not going to be functional if the sun is constantly beating down on it. It also would likely be unusable during extreme weather such as rainstorms and other similar conditions. In these cases, awnings are a perfect way to keep the space shaded from the sun on hot days and dry from the rain on rainy days. This is especially true if you have seating or other structures for people to use. Over time, these could suffer from fading, rusting, and aging. An awning will keep them safe and looking their best.

In addition to all their other benefits, light-colored awnings reduce the amount of heat that reaches your building. In fact, an awning that is properly placed can keep the inside of your building cooler which will translate itself into energy savings over time. While this not be an immediate cost-savings, you will be able to see the benefits over the years. 

Longer Lasting

Awnings do more than just look beautiful and keep your building cool. They also have a number of benefits relating to their durability. While awnings of the past may not have had these advantages, advances in technology have allowed awning fabric to become much more desirable.

Awning fabric now is able to repel water. This means that it can stay dry even when it is raining outside. It will keep the rain from reaching the ground beneath it, and it won’t retain the water afterward. Because of this, it is also resistant to mold and mildew. Since the fabric does not retain any moisture, there is no danger of mold and mildew building up over time. Of course, because the fabric does such a great job of repelling away things that could damage it, it is also resistant to fading. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your building’s awning for many years to come.

Attractive & Affordable

Awnings not only have durability and add visual complexity to your building, but they are also relatively affordable. In addition to the upfront cost being low, they also help to shade your building which will keep it cool enough for you to save money on energy costs over time. You, therefore, save money when you buy your awnings and over the years.

You may think that you need to sacrifice appearance to achieve those cost savings, but this is not the case. Today’s awnings come in a variety of styles and colors. Because our awnings are custom-made for your project, they can be tailored to perfectly suit the style of your building. 

Searching for Commercial Awnings in Orlando?

Sundance Architectural Products is the top provider of commercial awnings in Orlando. We believe in quality and care with all of our products, so every awning that we build for you will be exactly as you pictured it. If you are interested in learning more about our awnings, contact us for a quote.