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For years local residents have been turning to Sundance for all of their needs in exterior designs for their buildings. When it comes to running an awning company Orlando knows who to turn to. Sea World and the Daytona International Speedway are just a few of the names on our client list. After all, in those scorching summer months, you will also want to have creative ways to provide a cool shade for your clients. With a structure that perfectly molds into the original design of the building. Without it losing any of its flair or beauty. The best part you won’t have to break the bank to get one of our beautiful awning designs for your buildings. One of our most popular options is our fabric awning. This awning is one of our many perfectly adaptable shade structures that can be custom designed to fit the different styles and shapes that the original architectural work may bring. We can craft awnings in different forms like Bahama, Dome, Quarter Barrel, Half Barrel, or as we said a custom design to fit our clients’ needs!


Shade Structures As Creative Or As Simple As You Need Them To Be


As an architectural product company, we love to get creative with our designs. That doesn’t mean though that we will not take on simple projects that come our way. Sometimes clients need an effective fix that can fit into any part of the building. That’s where our standard awnings come in. It’s the traditional wedge-shaped awning that will be useful in rain or shine to protect people from the elements all year around. There is a difference between choosing an awning company Orlando based and just any old company you may find online. Our designs are built to endure the challenges mother nature may bring their way. Above all, they are built to last without high maintenance costs or troubles. We understand Orlando is not always sunshine and Mickey Mouse and our awnings and shade structures reflect that! The last thing you need is to constantly be making adjustments to the exterior design of your building. It can wear down the original design of the building and ultimately affect its overall look. That is why we build our structures to last and include all installation costs. So you can rest assured that we will be getting things done right no matter how unique or how simple your project is!


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We have been beautifying America’s buildings for decades that is why we are the awning company Orlando trusts! Maybe it’s time you gave your building a whole new look. No matter how ambitious or how simple your project may be at Sundance we would love to hear from you. After all, buildings are our passion. We treat every project as if it was our very own building we are working on. Our goal is to continue beautifying America’s buildings for many more years to come. Your building should be next! Call or contact us today!