Why Custom Shade Structures Are a Valuable Addition To Your Building Design

Commercial shade structures in orlando

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If you own a business, you know that a big part of being successful is drawing people inside your building. This means you can’t just worry about what the design looks like inside you need to make sure that your building is aesthetically appealing. This could be especially difficult when it comes to protecting your windows from the glaring sun. Living in the Orlando area of the Sunshine State presents this particular challenge for homeowners and business owners alike. You want to make sure that you have shades keeping the inside of your building free from sunshine glare, but you don’t necessarily want huge ugly shades blocking the windows. This is where Sundance Architectural Products comes into the picture. They offer a wide variety of commercial shade structures that could be efficient and appealing all at the same time. Shade structures don’t have to be bulky and hideous; you can find ones that will draw people into your business easily, you just may need some help.


Choosing The Right Commercial Shade Structures

Deciding what is right for your building can be a little intimidating especially when you don’t have a lot of knowledge about the products or what the differences between them are. It is always helpful to go into a situation with some general ideas of what you want from the addition of the shade structures. This will give the experts helping you an idea of your building and what you are looking to achieve. This will also allow them to narrow down your options and present you with the products that will suit your needs. The products are produced from aluminum alloy extrusions and can be created to project off of your building or can be made into a trellis design, which is supported off of columns. All the systems can be powder coated or anodized to give you a maintenance-free product.

  • Flat Shade Louver: This shade is designed to be mounted against a wall. It projects out four to six feet without any support. If there needs to have a large projection the product can include hanger rods or support columns. In the perimeter frame, there can be several shapes used to provide the desired look and shade effect.


  • Perforated Metal Shade: This system incorporates a perimeter frame made of aluminum. The frame is then covered with a perforated metal sheet. Depending on the amount of shading required the metal sheet can be ordered in different sizes and with different hole spacings. The shade can project between four to six feet unsupported or if a larger projection is required the system can include hanger rods.


  • Metal Trellis: This system is built using aluminum tubing between columns or walla to provide shading to outdoor areas. These can be spaced further apart or closer together depending on the amount of shade that is required. The ends of each tube can be cut into various shapes and patterns to add a unique look to your building.


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Sundance Architectural Products is a leading provider of shade structures in the Orlando area. We specialize in working with our clients to meet their specific needs when it comes to commercial shade structures. We understand that the products we install leave a lasting impact on your business. Call or visit us today to find out how we can help!