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All business owners acknowledge one universal fact. None of them could build a decent business without clients! Clients are the be all, end all for businesses. Although we can agree some companies have a “funny” way of showing their appreciation for clients. In Orlando for example there are still a good number of businesses that make people stand in line outside in the rain or sun to be able to acquire their product. This doesn’t only happen on black Friday you can see it almost every day around town. Also, there are restaurants that don’t have proper commercial shade structures. If you’re a business owner that happens to be struggling that may be one of your main issues! Not everyone is keen on getting a nice tan while they have lunch. Contact us today!


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At Sundance Architectural Products we have come up with a number of creative solutions to help those people. While saving a couple of restaurants and businesses along the way. No matter what type of building or structure your business is located in we can design custom built systems that adapt to the style and flow of the building. While providing a comfortable refuge for clients and employees alike. We know that if you’re going to invest in something like this you are expecting a long-term fix to your problem. Not to worry our shade systems are made from quality materials made to last for long periods of time with low-maintenance efforts!


The Best Commercial Shade Structures For A Business


We understand that in design and architecture there is never a one size fits all approach we could take to projects. We do however, provide a variety of options on commercial shade structures. We have the flat shade louver, which is designed to be mounted against a wall and usually provides a cover of around 4 to 6 feet. This particular option is very popular with stores! Then we have the perforated metal shade; this option has an aluminum tubing base usually. The tubing can be adjusted to provide with a larger area of shade it that is what the client requires. Finally, we have the metal trellis; these are mainly used between columns and walls. When the walls are not necessarily flat. With these, you can easily set up a shade perimeter along the side of the building. Always remember that all off architectural designs can be custom built. Therefore, we could essentially design a unique system that incorporates many of these types of shade structures. These are an investment totally geared towards the client’s experience. If they get a look at a pretty structure while in the shade and enjoy buying your product, they are more likely to return!


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Whether it be to protect people from rain the sun or even as a point of reference on the street commercial shade structures pose an opportunity for companies to improve how the client perceives them. Obviously, our structures can also include canapes with company logos on them which is great for positioning. Especially with so much competition in the Orlando area across many industries! It’s a must have to keep your clients happy and returning. Call today we want to hear about the project you have in mind!