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Our goal is simple: to provide the best possible customer service. Since 1984, we’ve been saving customers time, expense, and the hassle that comes with the average subcontractor. How do we accomplish this? …
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We know that when bidding custom architectural products for a project that there are many variables that affect the cost, manufacturing and installation time. With Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, you will receive the most cost-effective method of manufacturing custom-made products with the latest materials, creating a smooth installation schedule and a beautiful product.

Our modern methods are efficient and environmentally friendly. We save our General Contractors time and money with our forward-thinking and planning. Don’t give a blank check to an inexperienced company that cannot handle such a full range of exterior architectural products.

Many General Contractors are forced to deal with several trades just to complete one type of architectural element on a project, i.e., steel fabricators, painters, roofers, subcontracted installation crew. Meanwhile, our products are one of the last to install because we know you can’t afford to delay completion while 2 or 3 different trades juggle their schedule. We are your single source with only one phone call needed to get started.

In our 25 years of service to General Contractors, Building Owners & Architects, large and small, we know how important it is for you to manage as few subcontractors as possible – particularly when you are dealing with a custom-made product. We know how costly it is for you to just write and manage one contract, much less six!

Not to mention, many of these architectural features are limited in specifics. Let our experience guide you to success. We anticipate possible problems before they occur, and with our expertise, solve any design issues fast and in a cost-effective manner. We’ve been called in numerous times to “clean up” for another company that realized they couldn’t handle the full scope of the work or even do so in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. With our forward thinking and expert planning, we save our General Contractors, and you, time and money. Sundance Architectural Products, LLC is the only company that can handle such a full range of exterior architectural products while being efficient and environmentally friendly. 



Our corporate commitment to safety provides further savings, with reduced insurance premiums and fewer lost time incidents.

Our continued investment in manufacturing and installation technologies allows us to expand our services to cover a full array of products. Sundance lets you bundle as many products into one contract while dealing with one subcontractor, one schedule, and the expertise of a company with 25 years of experience that is only one phone call away.

Sundance Architectural Products, LLC is, of course, insured and provides available bonding. Contact us now to get started.

All of our products are custom designed and manufactured just for your project.
Nothing comes “off the shelf”.


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