Decisions: Choosing a Fabric or Exterior Metal Wall Panel

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When it comes to exterior decor, many commercial structures, parking garages, and apartment buildings are utilizing wall paneling to add eye-catching aesthetics to give the area a high-end feel. They’re chic, they’re modern, and they come with many different options to choose from. At Sundance Architectural Products LLC, our wall paneling sale options are vast and offer many options for our clients to fully customize the exterior of their buildings. From exterior metal wall panels to fabric panels, you can join the many businesses across Orlando adding modern flairs to make our city beautiful.


Why Choose Decorative Wall Paneling?

Decorative wall paneling gives high-end feel and makes your building stand out. They catch the eye of people passing by and gives those onlookers an opportunity to become a customer. Moreover, they make your building stand out like a landmark, allowing others to recognize you from a distance immediately. What’s more, they’re designed with the highest quality materials to stand up to Florida’s aggressive weather conditions while remaining maintenance-free for years to come. This makes them fantastic investments for improving the overall aesthetic appeal of your building.


Wall Paneling Sale Options

There are different options of wall paneling you’ll want to choose from when shopping for the best options.

  • Fabric
    We offer fabric printing for panels up to 12 feet wide. This includes fabric options that can be either solid or mesh material–up to 70% light transmission. For larger panels, welding is an option for joining panels together. These can be installed into the openings of the building’s framework and can also be installed with the option to have the image changed out.
  • Custom Metal
    This option allows you to cut unique shapes and patterns into metal sheets. This is done either with laser or water jets. For coverage, the options can be covered with a wire cloth material to allow for light transmission. All of the materials can be powder-coated and/or anodized to be maintenance-free for years.
  • Perforated Metal
    In contrast to custom metal, perforated metal sheets will have different styles of holes for a unique look, and are made from aluminum or stainless steel. The holes can have round, square, diamond, or oval shapes. We can also custom water-jet-cut any hole design or pattern into a sheet up to 6’ x 12’ in length.
  • Foliage Screen
    A greener option to wall paneling includes a foliage screen that uses a vine-type plant that grows through the screen panel. The frame of the screen can be either metal tubing or angle. Depending on the plant species, openings that are either 2” x 2” or 3” x 3” will be used.


Contact Us for Exterior Metal Wall Panels

Take advantage of Sundance’s wall paneling sale options and join others in Orlando adding decorative wall panelings to their buildings. With several different exterior metal wall panels to choose from, there are options to meet all kinds of aesthetic design needs. You can contact us to learn more about wall paneling options available here at Sundance Architectural Products LLC.