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Shopping carts are utilized in many types of settings, from home goods stores and electronics shops to everyday groceries. But along with shopping carts comes a need for them to be stored properly. Whether it is an apartment building, commercial structure, or larger scope projects such as restaurants, hospitals, and retail, there is a continued need for custom-designed awnings and canopies in order to fit their architectural needs. Shopping cart canopies allow businesses to store shopping carts in designated areas- this will not only make your outside space much tidier and safer, but will also help attract customers to return their shopping carts back to the preferred area if it is easily identified as a shelter. Sundance Architectural Products, LLC is the premier specialty contractor offering such an extensive catalog of exterior architectural elements that we can design, engineer, and install, allowing you to combine all the elements into one stop. This can save you a lot of time and expense! Read on to learn more about getting a custom metal canopy for your building from custom canopy manufacturers Sundance Architectural Products, LLC. Call Sundance Architectural Products, LLC in Orlando for your architectural needs today!


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Here at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC we continue to dedicate ourselves to manufacturing and installation technologies, which is why we have been able to expand our services to cover a full array of products that you are able to bundle into one contract, deal with one subcontractor, and one schedule. There are many benefits to installing a freestanding shopping cart canopy for your business, as a custom canopy will not only serve as a billboard advertising your business, but a custom canopy can assist in keeping shopping carts dry when it is raining, which is a great benefit to shoppers at your business or property not getting themselves, their shopping, or reusable bags soaked. Whether it’s designing or installation, we can be your one-stop-shop for commercial awnings and canopies to protect your shopping carts and customers. Since 1984, Sundance Architectural Products, LLC have been doing custom exterior architectural work for buildings in America with the highest quality fabric and metal commercial awnings and canopies. Here are some of the examples of awnings and canopies that we are able to design and install for you:

  • Standard fabric awnings and fabric canopies
  • Standard metal awnings and metal canopies
  • Retractable awnings and canopies
  • Bahama awnings
  • Dome awnings
  • Long dome awnings
  • Convex awnings
  • Gable awnings
  • Resort cabanas
  • Convex-Style metal awnings


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Here at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC we have the architectural products to incorporate into your building(s) to improve your overall business. A freestanding canopy for your shopping carts will help keep shopping carts dry and sheltered, and keeps your customer’s shopping and bags from getting wet. Moreover, a business’s car parking lot will be safer and tider when there is a designated area for shopping carts to be. Here at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC we are dedicated to ensuring that any metal canopy we help you implement will end up getting you the best service and results, with a range of sizes to store any number of shopping carts that you need. We are also located conveniently in Orlando. We are able to design, engineer, and install a wide range of metal canopies in order to meet your commercial or industrial needs for a metal canopy. We are able to cover the canopies with several types of metal decking depending on what you need or require, making our work some of the best on the market.


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