Orlando Fabric Walkways

A fabric canopy offer total shade and cover from the Florida elements while maintaining a beautiful look and presence.

Why Should You Get a Fabric Canopy from Sundance Architectural Products?

One of the most economical ways to provide shade and beauty to a project is a Fabric Canopy. The design styles are endless, whether your building architecture has curved lines, straight lines or needs a third dimension, we can custom design a fabric canopy that will work for you. Our team of designers can suggest a style that will meet all of your needs. Sundance Architectural Products has selected only the best materials for your canopy. The framework for fabric canopies is constructed of either aluminum or steel tubing, depending on your needs. Each of the frames can be powder coated or painted enamel in a large variety of colors to match the fabric or your building colors. Our team does not just stop with styles – we will also carefully design and engineer the fasteners required to meet the wind or snow loads in your area. We also carry several types and styles of fabrics for the look you require and the performance you demand.

Dome Canopy

Sometimes called a bubble canopy. This circular-shaped canopy is great for areas that have curved openings or areas that need unique designs. The best design for this canopy is to keep the drop (height) and projection as close to the same measurement as possible. The width of the canopy should be double those measurements. This will make for a perfect dome.

Long Dome Canopy

Same as the dome except the middle of the canopy has been stretched out or elongated. This is a good design for an opening that is wide and flat, such as the top of a window or door.

Convex Canopy

This style is sometimes called a quarter barrel canopy. It is a curved face canopy with flat wings (ends). This is a good design for a curved look over a straight- topped window or opening.

Gable Canopy

This canopy is supported off of columns and/or support poles and used to highlight an opening or entrance of a business. It also provides protection from the elements.


Fabric cabanas are the best solution for shading needs in pool or deck areas. The units are fully welded and can be designed to mount to our columns or yours. The cabanas can also be grouped together to share columns or can be placed individually. They can also have a curtain system to close off all sides for privacy. When in use, the curtains can be rolled either up or back to the columns depending on the design. Each cabana can be equipped with plates at the top for fans and/or lighting if needed.

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