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As one of the most popular finishing techniques that you can get on the market today, powder coating is rapidly expanding across the industry. With approximately a 6 percent growth following 2010, huge leaps in technology have been made in the powder coating market. New application processes and coating formulas allow powder coating to expand the number of applications in which it can be used. Today, you can find powder coating on all sorts of everyday appliances and items thanks to the wide variety of applications and the incredible practical and financial benefits powder coating offers. Sundance Architectural Products in Orlando is able to powder coat a large variety of industrial products, from a fabric structure to outdoor furniture. Our complete design facility also includes engineering, fabrication, and installation for all framework and cabling. We’re able to fabricate structural support members from steel or aluminum designed to meet local building code requirements. Our skillfully designed and built cables, masts, trusses, and frames integrate beauty with form and structural integrity to complement the overall appearance of each structure. Moreover, all these structures can be powder coated in any of the available colors on our powder coating page, or in a custom tone you want to create. Contact Sundance Architectural Products today if you’re looking for “powder coating near me!”


What is Powder Coating?


So what exactly is this revolutionary procedure? Powder coating is a general term for a particular finish or base, starting out as a fine powder that consists of finely ground particles of pigment and polymer resin. The powder is applied to the surface you wish to coat and then chemically altered with heat to create a finishing film. While the powder coating process has been available since the 1950s, there has been a huge amount of grown and development over the past few decades fro this method of finishing metals, and now there is a large range of applications and benefits that are totally new to powder coatings. There are many benefits to powder coating, as it is applied in a unique way, and this technique lends quite a few benefits and features. Some of the benefits of powder coating include its durability, longevity, variety, lower levels of toxicity, and cost-efficiency. Sundance Architectural Products provides some of the best powder coating services, and are also able to construct, coat, and install fabric structures, if you are looking for “powder coating near me!”


We can Coat Your Fabric Structure


Here at Sundance Architectural Products, we have a complete design facility that is able to engineer, fabricate, and install all your framework and cabling, in addition to powder coating them. We can help you meet local building code requirements through fabricating structural support members from steel or aluminum. You can complement the overall appearance of each fabric structure with our powder coating, available in the colors on our webpage. You can even create a custom tone!


Contact Us Today


We can build, install, and powder coat your fabric structure. Contact Sundance Architectural Products in Orlando if you’re looking for “powder coating near me”!