Why Choose Sundance?

With over 28 years experience, Sundance Architectural Products, LLC has become the recognized leader in the architectural design and shade structure industry.

Architectural Design Services FAQ’S

What phases of my project will Sundance handle ?

Sundance can handle all designing, engineering, fabrication and installation of your project.

What areas of the country does Sundance service?

Sundance Architectural Products, LLC has installed projects coast to coast, including Hawaii and the Caribbean.

Can you fill me in on your Sundance Team ?

Sundance has a diversified team that is made up with designers, estimators, fabricators and installers. All key personal are well trained and seasoned to understand and meet your projects needs.

What is the standard warranty for Sundance Products?

All Sundance Architectural Products, LLC carry a one year warranty. 

Can Sundance design and engineer shade systems for the different engineering requirements around the country?

Yes, Sundance has designed shade elements with wind and snow loads and also seismic loads.

Can my project meet “LEED” qualification with Sundance products?

Absolutely, with the use of recycled materials and the amount of reduction in solar gain, Sundance shade products gives you the opportunity for “LEED” credits.

What if I need a rough design and or budget for my project?

No worries, Sundance has the capabilities to design and generate renderings and pricing structures for your future projects.

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Why are all of the Sundance product lines Powder Coated?

Our experience with coatings has proved that powder coating will give the best adhesion and durability while being environmentally friendly and within the cost points of other coatings.

I noticed almost all of the Sundance product line is made from aluminum. Why is that?

After years of design and testing we found aluminum to be the best product to withstand the different outdoor elements they are installed in. Once powder coated the item is virtually maintenance free with a lifetime of service.


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