Have a Community Pool? Add in Fabric Cabanas to the Design

pool cabana in Orlando

Do you own a community pool where many individuals love to soak up the sun? If so, why not gift them with a private pool cabana to help enhance their experience? Here at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, our team of professionals are here to make sure you have all the information you need. 


It is Not a Gazebo

If you’re wondering what the difference between a cabana and a gazebo is, the answer is rather simple. Gazebos are open on all sides. A cabana (from the Spanish word for hut) has three lightweight “walls,” with one open wall facing a pool. The walls don’t have to be permanent; in fact, they can be fabric curtains, drapes or shades, intended to block sunlight.


Both provide shelter from the sun and a place to relax during an afternoon of swimming. 


If you have ever gone to one of those Las Vegas hotels, you may have seen poolside cabanas that are intended for private parties and all sorts of shenanigans. That way, those sitting by the pool don’t have to lie on a chaise lounge with the rest of the peons. Either that or they were up partying the night before and are sleeping it off in the cabana the next day.


What a Pool Cabana?

Cabanas make great gazebos, what with their curtained “walls” and all. Cabana roofs are usually made of outdoor fabric, wood, metal, or thatch for a tropical vibe. A curtained cabana makes a great outdoor stage for children (or adults) to perform impromptu concerts or plays in the summer. It also makes a casual place in your backyard in which to escape or a nice romantic retreat.


Cabanas are what resort areas call those collapsible, tent-like structures on beaches, near lakes, or by pools. In years past, they were favored by families who desired privacy, wanted to stay out of the sun for part of the day, needed a place in which to change into their modest swimsuits or maybe needed a quiet place to house sleeping younger children while other family members played in the water.


Cabana Fabric cabanas are the best solution for shading needs in pool or deck areas. The units are fully welded and can be designed to mount to our columns or yours. The cabanas can also be grouped together to share columns or can be placed individually. They can also have a certain system to close off all sides for privacy. When in use, the curtains can be rolled either up or back to the columns depending on the design. Each cabana can be equipped with plates at the top for fans and/or lighting if needed.


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