Your Home Awning Could Save You Money On Your Energy Bill

home awning in orlando

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With electric bills sometimes reaching higher than some people’s car payments, homeowners are looking for more ways to cut electric costs on a permanent bases. With electricity being a necessity, some families have to find other expenses to cut out of their budgets, such as family outings and entertainment, just to afford to keep the lights on at home. The people at Sundance Architectural Products understand the demand for more innovative options for homeowners in Central Florida, and as a home awning company Orlando residents trust, we would be glad to explore options for your home that may bring down your electric expenses permanently.


Sun In, Money Out

It’s no secret that many move to Florida to soak in the year round rays and to enjoy the relaxing beaches. It’s almost a dream for many in this country to one day end up here in the Sunshine State. If you are already living that dream, than you know it comes with the occasional, and sometimes consistent, electric bill shock. Many can’t wait for the “Florida Winter” season so that they can see the electric bill drop, however, those year round rays won’t keep the heat back long. It is noted that Sunlight actually accounts for 20% of your air conditioners load, peeping in through windows and other openings. What if there was a way to keep the sun from affecting your electric bill, saving you a boatload of cash each month. There are options for home awning Orlando residents have already begun using and enjoying their cost saving benefits.


What Is A Home Awning?

Many businesses are wise to the money saving effects of window awnings to keep the sunlight out and the cool air in. Homeowners now have beautiful and affordable options to add to their homes that will have long lasting effects to their overall monthly expenses. Also referred to as window awning, they blocked the suns rays from entering directly into your home and are said to reduce the heat generated by more than 50% during the time the sun is shining directly in to your window. These exterior home improvements have retractable, portable, and fixed options. Many are made in the desired colors and fabrics with water repellant and flame retardant coatings. The retractable and removable options are beneficial in the winter time in case you want to allow the sunlight to come in to your home to help heat up the interior. In Florida, this may be only few days out of the year, but it’s nice to have options just in case.


What Could You Do With All That Money?

Now that you have discovered a safe, beautiful, and responsponsible option to cut your electric bill cost substantially, think of what you could do with these dollars added back in to your budget. Sure, there will be some upfront cost, but the installation of these features will pay off quickly. You will enjoy year round comfort and a lifetime of money saving benefits.


Contact Us

If you are ready to look in to a money saving option to help cut cost, contact Sundance Architectural Products today to schedule a consultation. This could make a world of difference, since we all know that the air conditioner consumes the majority of our electricity and keeping the Florida heat out is now an option for Central Florida residents. By working with a home awning company that Orlando businesses and homeowners have relied on for years, you have the peace of mind that you will have professional and reliable service. Call or visit us today.