How A Custom Canopy Can Benefit Schools And Its Students


Good architecture is about quality, efficiency, functionality, and design. This is the belief that we have at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, an awning company Orlando businesses have trusted for quality architecture. Efficiency doesn’t have to sacrifice visual design in order to function perfectly, and we have helped our partners achieve this goal all across Orange County. Today, we’d like to talk about canopies and how getting a custom canopy for your school can be a fantastic benefit that will benefit you and your students for years to come. 


What is a Canopy?

What is a canopy? Like an awning, a canopy is a form of cover that creates protection from the sun and the weather. What makes canopies different is their shape, which often protrudes perpendicular from the walls of the building. They have more flexibility in shape and size, allowing these features to extend entirely around a building, for example, or even extend much further out than an awning normally would. This can create larger, covered spaces around the exterior of a building. These will also have built-in drainage systems so that water doesn’t collect and sit on the top of the canopies.


How a Custom Canopy Benefits Students

Here at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, we offer a one-stop-shop service when it comes to our products. In other cases, you may need to seek a designer, architect, and installer separately to have a new architectural product installed. With us, however, you have the ability to customize your canopy and have it installed as quickly as possible and for less money as you don’t need to pay several different companies. Because of this, we can help you build the perfect canopy to suit the needs of your students,  depending on your goals of the product. Here are some things you can consider to the benefit of your students:

  • Safer Walkways and Outdoor Areas
    • The most important benefit is the added safety of created covered walkways outside your doors. Rainy days can create hazards for children who could slip and fall, but more canopies means you can have a completely covered drop-off area to maximize the safety for every child.
  • Creates Outdoor Learning Spaces
    • Learning outdoors can be a great benefit for many children as well as different kinds of classes. Take for example an art class that may have particularly messy group activities. An outdoor learning area could be the perfect place to have such assignments.
  • Helps You Save Money
    • Canopies also protect your building from extra sunlight. Sunshine can magnify through the windows of your building and heat it up from multiple angles, causing your air conditioning system to work harder. You’d be surprised by how much money you could save by having awnings cover your windows. This added funding can then be redirected into student resources and programs.


Contact the Awning Company Orlando Businesses Trust

There are many great benefits to installing a custom canopy to your school or any business for that matter. If you’re located in the Orlando area and are looking to achieve such a task, then consider the awning company Orlando businesses go to for one-stop-shop architectural products. We at Sundance are here to give you stunning architecture that not only provides functionality but also aesthetic beauty. To learn more about our products and services, contact us today.