How A Decorative Panel Can Completely Change Your Buildings Look

commercial wall panel in Orlando

Are you looking for creative ways to draw attention to your business and attract guests? Why not incorporate a decorative panel? Here at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, our team is here to make sure you have the perfect commercial wall panel that will represent your business. We specialize in exterior metal wall panels and are located in Orlando.  


What Panel Is Right For You?

  • Fabric Wall Panel
    • Built with a perimeter frame, this system is designed to have fabric panels installed into the openings of the building’s framework. This can consist of one large panel or several small ones arranged to form a large layout. The fabric itself can be either a solid or mesh material. The mesh can allow up to 70% light transmission while still giving protection to the covered area. The fabric can also be digitally printed to create abstract art or corporate logos to beautify the building. Sundance is capable of printing up to 12 feet wide, without seams. If a larger panel is required, we can use state of the art RF welding to join panels together giving you the means to cover a whole elevation with one large panel while still achieving perfect registration of the graphic pattern. Panel systems can be designed to have the image easily changed out for specific needs.
  • Custom Metal Wall Panel
    • This type of system uses metal sheets that can be laser or water-jet cut into unique shapes and patterns. The sheets can be aluminum or stainless steel. Our engineering department can determine the thickness of the sheet. Constructed like the Fabric Wall Panel, the metal tubing or angle can be used to create a perimeter frame. The openings in the frame can then be covered with several different types of wire cloth materials depending on the look and light-transmission you need for your project. The wire cloth materials can be either aluminum or stainless steel, and the cloth can be either woven or welded. Depending on requirements, the openings in the wire cloth can be as small as insect screening or up to 4” x 4”. The larger the size of the opening, the greater the amount of light that will pass through the cloth. All of the materials used can be either powder-coated and/or anodized for years of maintenance-free performance.
  • Perforated Metal Wall Panel
    • This panel system can be designed using metal sheets that are perforated with different styles of holes to give a unique look to your panel system. The panels are attached to a framework which is made up of metal tubing or angle. The metal sheets can be either aluminum or stainless steel, and the perforated holes can be round, square, diamond, or oval. Hole sizes and the amount in a square foot will determine the amount of light that will pass through the sheet. Sundance also has the capability to custom water jet cut any hole design or pattern you require into a sheet up to 6’ x 12’ long. All components of the panel system can be powder coated in a number of colors, or they can be anodized if required.
  • Foliage Screen
    • Instead of using fabric or metal panels to cover a structure or a parking garage façade, we designed a system where a vine-type plant is used to grow through a screen panel. When the plant has fully covered the screen panel, it gives a “green” effect to the project. For the frame of the screen, we can use either metal tubing or angle. The screen is usually aluminum or steel. The screen openings are usually 2” x 2” or 3” x 3” depending on the type of plant used. Each of the screens is mechanically fastened to the perimeter frame. The bottom of the screen system can be attached at ground level with the vines planted right in the soil – or the panel system can be elevated, and the vines can be planted in a custom planter box built into the screen system.


We Have Commercial Wall Panel and So Much More

Be sure to check out our products. They are as follows: 

  • Custom Handrail Systems
    • Double Rail
    • Triple Rail
    • Glass Rail
    • Custom Rail
    • All Sundance handrails are fully welded, not screwed or clipped together. Our advanced architectural products are made to be the solution you need.
  • Decorative Wall Panels
    • Metal Mesh Wall Panel
    • Perforated Metal Wall Panel
    • Foliage Screen
    • Decorative Panel
    • Fabric Wall Panel
    • Custom Metal Wall Panel
    • Sundance Architectural Products, LLC uses the highest quality materials, providing years of maintenance-free service while standing up to nature’s harshest conditions.
  • ACM Cladding
    • Sundance offers ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) decorative wall panels that blend flatness with a high-performance finish. ACM allows for strong yet lightweight panels and with our Sundance expertise, can be fabricated into components and systems that outperform other cladding materials.

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Our continued investment in manufacturing and installation technologies has allowed us to expand our services to cover a full array of products that you can bundle into one contract, deal with one subcontractor and one schedule. Sundance Architectural Products, LLC has you covered. Call the best awning company, for more information.