How Long Do Metal Awnings Last?


Metal awnings are a timeless and distinguished part of a building’s facade. When constructed and installed with the right care, metal awnings can last quite a long time.

This, of course, makes them the ideal choice for Florida business owners who wish to elevate the look of their building. In order to understand whether metal awnings would be right for your business, it can help to speak to a professional.

At Sundance Architectural Products, we are here to help. With our decades of expertise, we can provide you with the quality service that you have been searching for and help you select the awning that will meet your needs. 

Why Choose Metal Awnings

Metal awnings are practical for a number of reasons. In inclement weather, a metal awning can hold up much better than a fabric awning. While it is true that Florida sees very little snow, hail is still something that can occur and it is better to be safe than sorry in those circumstances.

Additionally, a well-constructed awning can withstand hurricane-strength winds and keep your business from incurring damage. Fabric awnings, by comparison, cannot offer that level of protection.

Metal awnings also have the advantage of being more durable than fabric awnings. Fabric awnings are susceptible to rain, sun-wear, and other natural irritants. Metal awnings do not falter under those conditions which is why many awnings can last more than twenty years when they are properly installed.

When you account for its durability and its effectiveness at providing shade and protection, metal awnings are actually far more cost-effective than fabric awnings. While a metal awning may cost more upfront than a fabric one, a metal awning will ultimately give you more years of use. This is made even clearer when you take into account the cost of maintenance.

Metal awnings require little to no maintenance during their lifetimes. This means that you will not have to pay additional costs just to keep the material from warping or stretching.

What Keeps Them Lasting Long

Proper installation is key in making sure that your metal awning lasts as long as possible. There are many things that can go wrong in the installation and construction of metal awnings. Many companies will find ways to cut corners in order to save on costs. While this may seem better initially, this can be costly down the line. This is especially true for awnings that will be placed in areas where there are people.

Additionally, cheaply made awnings are not built to last. This means that they will last a fraction of the time expected because they will not be able to handle the wear and tear that is expected.

Selecting the right company to construct and install your metal awning can make all the difference. An experienced and trust-worthy company will utilize quality materials and make sure that the installation is done properly, so you can get the most out of your awning. Sundance Architectural Products can be that company for you.

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