How To Select The Right Style of Shade Structure For Your Building

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Living in Florida, especially Orlando, it seems like the sun completely consumes everything it touches. We do live in the Sunshine State, after all. At Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, we want to make sure you have the perfect shade structure that will complement your commercial business and also keep you protected from harmful UV rays. We are shade structure manufacturers who will provide you with the best options.  


So Much Shade

When you are choosing between the many different shade options, it is important to make sure you that you consider the overall purpose. Are you looking for a shade that only provides protection against sunlight and elements? Are you looking for a structure that is more visually striking? Do you want something that does both?


Consider the following situations when it comes to shade:

  • Shade as a focal point — If the shade is the first thing you notice when approaching a shop, restaurant, apartment complex or recreation center, it is likely due to the shape, size, pattern or color of the shade. For example, if a building has a simple design with flat, gray walls and evenly spaced square windows, yet the shade is bright yellow and contemporary in style, the building’s owners likely chose the shade to liven up the facade and draw attention to the building.
  • Shade that blends in — When you’re trying to decide where to sit outdoors at a coffee shop or restaurant, you may not even notice the shades along the outer-window tops that cover the seating area. Shades that blend in with the architecture or space are great additions to an outdoor seating area. These shade structures are typically conventional in shape, modest in size and mimic the colors of the surrounding architecture.
  • Shade that complements — If you’ve ever admired the symmetry and cohesive design of a large and visually arresting building, it was probably a combination of complementary colors, shapes, materials, components, and scale that caught your eye. Shades can complement their surroundings in a number of ways, such as using bright, colorful shade to reflect a building with similar qualities.



Shade Structure Manufacturers Will Help

Shade structures come in a variety of styles to provide shelter with a touch of visual class in any outdoor setting. At Sundance, we offer shade structures in everything from multi-panel styles to waves, wraparounds and cantilever designs. You can also work with our architectural specialist team to develop a custom shade structure uniquely designed to suit your project. In modern outdoor spaces, our shade structure provides a unique and functional option that enhances the space, enabling people to feel comfortable gathering even in sunny, hot climates that they couldn’t enjoy before.


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When it comes to keeping you protected from the sun, our shade structure manufacturers have just what you are looking for. Call or visit Sundance Architectural Products, LLC today for more information. We look forward to working with you and keeping your commercial business looking the best it can possibly be.