How Your Business Could Benefit From A Commercial Canopy

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Are you thinking about enhancing the exterior of your establishment with the addition of new architectural products? These can be effective solutions to not only improve the aesthetics of your building, but also add functionality, convenience, or adjusting your business to be more efficient. Here at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, we provide clients with a “one-stop-shop” experience regarding architectural fixtures, giving the people of Orlando a place where they can have their products designed, planned, and installed all under one roof. One of the products we are crazy about is the metal canopy, and we want to share with you ways that a commercial canopy can benefit your business.

What is a Metal Canopy?

A canopy is a form of architectural cover over an exterior space around your building. They aren’t unlike an awning in that regard; however, an awning is more of a standard shape while a canopy can come in many different shapes and cover different amounts of space. Generally speaking, a canopy can do a lot more than an awning can when it comes to providing cover and protection. For these reasons, we recommend awnings for situations where the simplicity of the fixture is all that’s needed and recommend canopies where that more limited coverage isn’t enough. For example, if a restaurant is looking to add outdoor seating in a wide area around the sides of the building, a canopy might be more optimal for its flexible design opportunities.


Benefits of Installing a Commercial Canopy

If you decide to install the proper canopy for the exterior of your building, here are some benefits you may expect:

  • Better Outdoor Coverage
    • The obvious benefit is that you’ll have more cover from weather and sunlight around your establishment. This can be great for adding ares for seating, waiting, phone calls, or standing that your team or your customers may perform.
  • Aesthetic Flair
    • With the right designer, a canopy can do a lot in changing the way your building appears. This can help update the way your business appears from the outside which affects how consumers view your brand.
  • Greater Energy-Efficiency
    • Canopies keep sunlight away from what’s underneath, including your walls, windows, and doors. This means the interior of your building will be cooler and thus demand less AC. As a result, your business will be more energy efficient and you’ll save money on monthly electricity, meaning the investment can pay off in the long-term.
  • Long-lasting Protection
    • Canopies are made of durable materials and are built to last. This means once you have these fixtures installed, you’ll be able to benefit from their presence for many years to come.


Order Your Metal Canopy Today

Ready to get started on installing a commercial canopy to the exterior of your building? If so, reach out to us at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, in Orlando for fast and easy assessment of your needs. Our “one-stop-shop” nature and commitment to quality means you’ll not only spend less time on the project, but less money for more quality. Check us out today.