Industry Trend Alert: The Growing Use of Drones in The Construction Industry

Drones in construction

Over the past few years, there has been a rise in the use of drones in construction. It is no surprise that as companies are building larger commercial properties and apartment buildings, new architectural products that feature technology are helping builders get a better view and idea for their construction project. Sundance Architectural Products in Orlando has a team of experts that can help you understand how the use of drones can help transform your business and make it easier for you to complete your projects and get them done more efficiently. 


Why is There a Rise of Drones in Construction?

There are a number of industries that are using drones to make their work easier and better. Some of the top industries that have begun using this technology are mining, agriculture, surveying, and real estate. However, the industry that utilized these architectural products the most is the construction industry. With a growth rate of 239 percent, project managers, technology managers, and superintendents are all seeing the benefit of using drones on their construction sites. Project managers are using this technology the most because they allow them to close the gap when their project is running over budget or behind schedule. 


As a whole, the construction industry is using drones to collect and analyze real-time data about their projects. They are able to see and understand what is happening on their job site. By having aerial views, they are able to see the progress that is being made as well as catch any problems at the beginning, so they don’t have the opportunity to throw the project timeline off or cost the builder a significant amount of money. Drones aren’t only allowing builders to catch problems early or track progress, but it also allows them to save time. Contractors are able to map out their entire job site in almost half the time and provide them with a significant amount of knowledge and insight about every aspect of their project. With all of this information at hand, the teams are able to plan and communicate about the project easily. Drones are also working to increase safety on job sites and help deliver more accurate measurements than before. After speaking with several construction companies and builders, it was determined that the primary uses for drones are job site mitigation, bid process, quality control and assurance, preconstruction and site planning, and finally, progress tracking and communication.

As far as construction tools go, there are a number of options available to builders. The most popular options are listed below from most popular to least.

  • AutoCAD
  • Bluebeam
  • Civil 3D
  • BIM 360
  • Procore


With the increased use of drones, there also has been an increase in the need for precision and accuracy. More companies are utilizing ground control points and ground markers with GPS to calculate and determine absolute global positioning. 


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