Installation Services

Sundance Architectural Products, LLC is the only specialty contractor who offers an extensive line of architectural elements for your exterior. We help you save money and time through our highly efficient package services. We can design, engineer, and install all your exterior architectural elements, and thus allow you to bundle all of the elements of exterior architectural remodeling into one contract, cutting down on both cost and time. With installed building products, you save so much time!

We offer a variety of services, and our continued investment in manufacturing and installation technologies have allowed us to expand our services to bundle the design, engineering, and installation of a full array of products into one contract. This means that you don’t need to deal with multiple contractors and the hassle of having to coordinate schedules and waste time completing projects in staggered steps. You only have to deal with one contract, deal with one subcontractor, and work on one schedule. This is what makes Sundance Architectural Products, LLC in Orlando so unique and such a time and cost efficient provider, designer, and installer of exterior architectural products.

The Process of Design and Installation

Sundance Architectural Products, LLC has you covered from beginning to end. When it comes to installation, the installation of your project is always included in our price. Every safety precaution necessary is followed by our highly trained professional installers, and we pride ourselves on completing quality projects on schedule and in an extremely professional manner.

The first step to designing and installing your exterior architectural project is the approval process. The customer comes to Sundance Architectural Products, LLC with an idea and possibly sketches of their vision, and then we draft it internally with our design ideas, then the customer takes a look and decide if they approve of the design or if they want alterations.

Our Quoting Process

Our quoting process is very straightforward- you as the customer calls or sends over drawings that are prepared or designs that you want Sundance Architectural Products, LLC to replicate, and we calculate materials, time and labor, and equipment necessary, then submit a quote with a timeframe back so that a contract can be negotiated.

The design process is done by our project managers, who go over the most efficient way to streamline and look at materials, how to keep overall cost down without sacrificing overall look or structural integrity, and work with engineers to ensure that the design is hurricane-proof.

Fabrication to Installed Building Products

Once the engineering process drawing has been approved by the customer, the design gets a seal of approval from an outside engineering company before going into fabrication so all the pieces are able to be produced and built. We then produce the parts and products necessary. The fabrication process can take anywhere from an hour to a year, depending on each specific project, and then the pieces are loaded and sent out to the site, where we put everything together and install your architectural project. Installed building products mean that the project has now fully been completed!