Is Aluminum Composite Material Flammable?

Aluminum composite panel in Orlando

When it comes to the metal awnings at your building, it’s imperative that you know if the material used is flammable. If you have an aluminum composite panel, you may be worried that it can ignite into flames. That is why it’s crucial to speak with professionals in the industry that can help you understand safety standards and precautions. The experts at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC. in Orlando have a wealth of knowledge that can help you get a better understanding of these topics.


How to Determine if Your Aluminium Composite Panel is Flammable

Fire protection and prevention should be two concerns when it comes to your building. Even if you have metal awnings, you should be worried about them being protected. This is especially important if your building experiences a substantial amount of human traffic like an arena, transit station, school, hospital, or high rise building. 


Builders and building owners are required to adhere to specific regulations and guidelines created to protect building visitors and workers as well as the surrounding area. It is critical that you are aware of these regulations and guidelines when you are choosing materials with different fire retardant grades. Not having the right materials could mean that substantial damage can be done. 


When you are deciding on the different materials to use in your building, it is crucial that you understand the difference between a fire rating and fire retardancy. Every product can have a degree of fire rating without being fire retardant. Typically products have both a reaction to fire as well as a resistance to fire. This means when you are making purchases, you need to examine both these aspects closely because these two factors can make a significant difference when it comes to being protected during a fire. The performance criteria for fire retardancy grading are the lateral and vertical spread of fire, smoke emission, droplets, and self-extinction of fire. Being aware of how different materials scored in these areas can make it easier to choose the right products and systems for your building. This information allows you to have an idea about how they would perform in the event of a fire. However, it is also critical to know the right testing method to determine you select a “true” and “real” fire retardant panel. The right type of test includes a combination of product testing with an intermediate-scale test. You could use a product test like EN 13501-1 and an intermediate-scale multi-story test like NFPA 285 or BS 8414. Both of these tests will work to identify all of the key performance factors that were mentioned above. 


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