Learn About the Variety of Perforated Metal Panel Designs We Can Install

Perforated Metal panel near Orlando

We at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC have worked with many businesses in the Orlando area by providing them with distinct and functional pieces of architectural work. For us, we believe efficiency shouldn’t come at the cost of good visual design. Today, we’d like to share more information on our perforated metal panel options for the exterior of your business or facility. Exterior metal wall panels not only add eye-catching design features to your building’s exterior, but they can also act as a tension structure that can lower heat exposure and cover walkways. Here’s more information on perforated metal and why you should consider adding such a panel to the exterior of your building.


What is Perforated Metal?

Perforated metal is a large sheet of metal that has had holes stamped out of it, creating a uniform design throughout the sheet. They can be made from many different kinds of materials from aluminum alloy to galvanized steel to carbon steel. The holes are fairly small with the metal thinly separated by the negative space. From afar, the sheets will appear grey as the light is filtered through the sheet. This means not only will you be providing relief from the sunlight in the covered space, but you’ll also be providing a shady, cooler space that filters out that direct sunshine heat. The shape of the holes can differ and include options such as:

  • Circles
  • Squares
  • Thin Slots
  • Hexagons
  • Other Shapes

The category of “other shapes” can include highly customizable stamps. These can range from flower-like shapes to harder ones like diamonds and others that have multiple gaps. Circular shapes are the ones most decide on since their design has universal application, but don’t be afraid to show off your personality if another design speaks to you.


Why Get a Perforated Metal Panel?

The biggest reason to invest in exterior metal wall panels is for their functionality and creating a shaded area where sunlight is restricted. This helps keep the space cooler and more comfortable for your clientele. The other big reason is simply that they look good. The power of aesthetics isn’t to be underestimated as a unique exterior design can be more eye-catching, enabling you to pull in more people into your business. It’s also nice to be proud of the appearance of your location both inside and out, and adding an aesthetically pleasing feature that also has functional value is a great way to feel more satisfied with your business’ exterior appearance.


Contact Us For Custom Made Exterior Metal Wall Panels

We at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC have worked with many Orlando businesses to provide beautiful architectural features that not only enhance the exterior space of those businesses but also provide adding functionality. The same can be done for your business too, so if you’re ready to invest in a perforated metal panel, then all you need to do is contact us to begin the process. We will work with speed and efficiency at providing you with unique architectural products that will perfect the exterior of your business.