Maintenance Tips for Commercial Awnings

If you own a business, you understand how important an awning is. This overhanging structure often holds the name of your establishment and its associated logo. The awning often serves as your property’s visible introduction to prospective customers. That said, awnings also provide comfort and can enhance the ambience of homes. Therefore, proper maintenance of these structures can prove critical to your business’s success.

Sundance Architectural Products, which provides design and maintenance of residential and commercial awnings in Orlando and a host of other services, invites you to read the following brief blog highlighting important awning upkeep techniques.

There are several key aspects to practicing proper awning maintenance, including cleaning, protection and lubrication.

Proper Cleansing Procedures

Fortunately, cleaning your awning is not typically a difficult or lengthy process. That said, to garner optimal results, carefully adhering to the following steps is strongly recommended:

  1. Removal – If you must remove the awning for cleaning purposes, you are urged to retain the services of a professional for such purposes.
  2. Brushing – Prior to cleansing, you must first brush away any discernible dirt, dust, debris or other potentially detrimental particles.
  3. Scrubbing – Your awning’s surface should be cleaned using nothing more than mild soap and water. Stronger cleansing agents could damage and stain the surface. After preparing the soap and water solution, scrub the surface clean.
  4. Rinsing – Rinse away any lingering soap residue.
  5. Drying – You are encouraged to air dry the structure. Using devices like dryers could damage the façade.

It is suggested that you, at bare minimum, rinse your awnings at least once per month. Additionally, you are encouraged to perform more complete cleansings every two to three years. However, these timeframes are arbitrary and remediation efforts should be executed whenever the need arises or in accordance with your personal preferences.

Suggested Protective Measures

Ensuring that your awning’s bright and clean appearance lasts often hinges on your ability to provide the structure adequate protection. By practicing the following tips, your awning may last for many years:

Maintain Surrounding Foliage

If the structure is located near bushes or trees, such foliage should be properly maintained. Trimming trees and bushes regularly will reduce the chances of items like branches or leaves falling onto and collecting inside or around the awning.

Install Added Safeguards

Components that are comprised of specific fabrics might benefit from the installation of safeguards like seam sealers, which are waterproof substances designed to prevent the product in question from tearing and developing leaks.

Do Not Use Item During Adverse Weather Conditions

If your awning is retractable, safety experts caution you to consider taking the structure down during adverse weather, such as major rain or snow events or when wind gusts exceed 20 miles per hour.

Practice Proper Storage

Proper storage also proves crucial to proper maintenance. The fabric component should be carefully placed into a cotton-fitted bag with the poles placed separately. Do not store the awning in moist or humid environments like basements. These conditions can gradually deteriorate the structure’s fabric.


Large commercial awnings might contain movable components. Industry professionals recommend lubricating these parts at least once per year. However, this process should be performed using a roller tube to prevent the lubrication agents from staining the surrounding fabrics or designs.

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