All About Our Custom Dock & Wall Mounted Metal Canopies

metal canopy for sale in Orlando

A hot new trend in modern building architecture is the development of metal canopies. A metal canopy is not an awning; they not only offer similar benefits to awnings, but additional benefits as well. By far the biggest charm, though, is their hyper modern aesthetic that transforms an outdoor space into a trendy, high-end atmosphere. At Sundance Architectural Products LLC, we emphasize these sleek designs with efficiency and quality above all else. We’d like to take a moment and share more about the benefits of purchasing a metal canopy for sale in Orlando.


Awning Vs Canopy

Awnings are mostly made with fabric or metal. Their purpose is to protect us from harsh weather and sunshine and are located around the outside of a building or over a patio area. They’re relatively affordable, but come with certain limitations, such as their inability to be stretched out as far as canopies, or the fact that they must be raised higher for larger awning projects. A canopy on the other hand is a horizontal metal slab that can cover over more space. You can also add lights to the canopy itself. Lastly, they’re more stylish than awnings as well.


Find the Right Metal Canopy For Sale

Sundance offers two different styles of canopy to choose from. Both share many similarities but have subtle differences that make them better fits for different scenarios. Our team of experts can help you figure out which option may be best for the space you’re looking to cover.

  • Wall-Mounted Metal Canopy (Marquee)
    • These options can come either flat or curved and will be supported either with hanger rods holding the canopy up from above or with columns. The canopy will need to be fairly large for columns as an option. An internal gutter system helps prevent water from collecting on top of the canopy.
  • Dock Canopy
    • These options will have similar features to the wall-mounted canopy, but they’ll also have a curved or bullnose front extrusion. They’re designed to project between 4 and 6 feet from the main building without the need of hangers or columns and can also benefit from an internal gutter system for water runoff.


About Sundance

We are an architectural company that designs, engineers, and installs exterior architectural elements to not only provide function and efficiency, but quality aesthetics. We’ve helped businesses throughout Orlando add visually dynamic components to their buildings to give them each their own, unique visual style. Our goal is to help add beauty through modern design components for buildings throughout the United States. Our products cover a wide range of functions from shading, shutters, solar power, exterior decor, branding, lighting, and weather protection.


Contact Us for a Metal Canopy Deal

If you’re interested in expanding the design of your building while also adding the functionality of the canopy cover, then you’ll want to rely on Sundance Architectural Products LLC for the best quality options. We can offer a metal canopy for sale for either style option depending on your expectations, and our experts will help you figure out what design best fits your space. Contact us today to learn more. We are located in Orlando.