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Because of it’s custom design and endless durability, Metal Canopies have become one of Sundance’s premier products.

Metal Canopy

When it comes to incorporating architectural products to improve your overall business best, we have exactly what you need. We can build you the perfect metal walkway canopy for your business or home. With this useful addition, your business will benefit in many ways. At Sundance Architectural Products, our goal is to make sure that when you implement a metal canopy, you get the best service and results. We are also conveniently located in Orlando.

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Sundance can design, engineer, and install a wide variety of Metal Canopies to meet your commercial or industrial needs. All framing for canopies are made using 6063 T6 aluminum; whether it is a support column, support beam or hanger rod, each member is specifically sized for the load requirements it needs to meet. We can cover the canopies with several types of metal decking depending on your needs or requirements. The types include roll-formed coil stock, otherwise known as standing seam, or we can use extruded aluminum pans. The canopies can be designed to control water through an internal gutter system that will collect and drain the water where needed. All canopies can be either powder coated or anodized for years of trouble-free service.

Our Different Metal Canopies

Wall Mounted Metal Canopy (Marquee)

  • Wall-mounted canopies can come in a wide variety of styles. They can be flat or curved. The awning can be either supported off the wall with hanger rods or if the projection is large enough, it can be supported with columns. The canopy can also be designed with an internal gutter system to control water runoff.

Dock Canopy

  • A sister to the wall-mounted canopy, it showcases all of the great design features of the wall-mounted canopy with a curved or bullnose front extrusion. This feature gives a designer look to an industrial application. It can also have an internal gutter system to control water runoff. This canopy is engineered to project out 4 – 6 feet without hanger rods or support columns.

What is the Difference Between an Awning and Canopy?

When it comes to an awning, it can be made of either fabric or metal. This is different from the canopy. Canopies can only be made our of metal. The awning also has a limit on what you can do with it. You can’t build the awning as far out as a canopy because there would be additional structure needed and you can’t attach columns to the awning. Another great benefit is you can turn a canopy into a walkway if needed. This is something you can’t do that with an awning.

Also, if you want to make the awning projection larger you would need to go up the wall higher, with a canopy this is not a problem.

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We are the only specialty contractor offering such an extensive line of exterior architectural elements that are – Designed, Engineered, and Installed, allowing you to combine all the elements into one agreement. Saving you both time and expense. Get a perforated metal screen with us! Our metal walkway canopies are the best in Orlando.

Our continued investment in manufacturing and installation technologies has allowed us to expand our services to cover a full array of products that you can bundle into one contract, deal with one subcontractor and one schedule. Sundance Architectural Products, LLC has you covered. Call the best awning company Orlando has to offer, for more information.

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