Why Exterior Metal Wall Panels May Be Your Best Option

metal wall panels in orlando

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Architecture is an ever evolving artform. That is why at Sundance we put all of our efforts to keep up with the latest trends. While being to imprint our own personal touch in each over designs. That is what has kept us relevant being the awning company Orlando trusts. That is not the only form of exterior architecture we have to offer, though! Recently exterior metal wall panels have become an architectural trend throughout the world. Everything from stadiums to buildings, to stores in some of the most important cities throughout the world have used this technique to beautify their buildings. That being said, we feel there is no reason why Orlando shouldn’t be among the cities to take advantage of this relatively new trend. Whether you are planning to take on a renovation project or building from the ground up there are plenty of creative ideas we can help you make a reality. Metal wall panels can be an option that provides not only aesthetic beauty to your buildings, but great benefits in functionality. Our laser cut panel systems can take on any shape or form that your particular project requires. That doesn’t mean that every design will necessarily have to cost a fortune. Still, the design will bring a very significant added value to the project!


Benefits Of Buying From A Local Company


When imagining the perfect building people tend to want to import some of the materials from exotic places in the world to add to the building’s mystique. That’s perfectly fine, but there are also great benefits to contracting local companies to oversee the design. When it comes to outdoor structures like exterior metal wall panels having a company that understands the effects that local weather will have on your building is essential. We provide custom built designs that adapt to your every need. Our team of engineers will work side by side with you to make sure that we deliver an aesthetic and durable finished product that you will ultimately be pleased with. Our panels are meant to last for years maintenance free! We have options like the fabric wall panels that can be made from solid or mesh materials. Depending on how much light you essentially want to let into the building. These panels can be composed of one large panel or a group of smaller panels. They can be digitally printed with corporate logos or with any type of design. If you absolutely are keen on the use of imported materials that is also something that can be arranged!


Contact Us


At Sundance, we are always open to working on new projects. Whether it be designing exterior metal wall panels or any of the other many services we provide! If you just so happen to be planning a building renovation or staring a whole new real architectural project we’d love to hear from you! There is a reason why we have been beautifying buildings for decades. We are the only specialty contractor offering such an extensive line of exterior architectural elements. Call or contact us today and get our great team of designers and engineers working to make your building look just like you drew her up!