Types of Metal Window Awnings

metal window awnings in orlando

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When beginning on a house remodeling project, there are many components for you to consider. Windows are a large part of a house’s image, and it’s important for you to find the right window awnings for your house. Metal window awnings can be a fantastic addition to your home and bring it the je ‘est ce quoi it needs. There are many types of window awnings offered by Sundance Architectural products, an awning company Orlando homeowners love. Read on to learn more about our quality window awnings and all of their features. Call us today for your next home remodel!


We Offer a Variety of Window Awnings

So what exactly are metal awnings and what are the benefits of having metal awnings? These types of awnings are designed with the frames made out of aluminum or steel tubing. Each bolt attachment and awning are engineered to meet the wind or snow loads for the area that you reside in, meaning that they can be designed for the kind of weather that you live in. The frames that Sundance Architectural Products, an awning company Orlando homeowners rave about, are covered by standing seam metal panels that hold a 24 gauge metal thickness. These panels are roll formed out of coil stock that come in several different colors and brands. The frame has a hidden clip system that the finished pans are then attached to the frame by, as the roll forming of the panel assists the strength of the panel, while cutting down on the oil canning that can occur with a flat sheet. A baked on Kynar finish is coated onto our panels in order to guarantee years of color without fading. The awning frames that we produce can also be powder coated in order to match the color of the underside of the panel or the building.


Metal Window Awnings We Sell

There are several types of metal awnings that we at Sundance Architectural Products provide. The traditional style awning is a standard metal awning, featuring a wedge-shaped design that allows it to project up to 6 feet off the building without the assistance of columns. The ends of the awning are called the “wings,” and are covered or closed off in order to provide added protection from the outside elements. The awning bottom holds a perimeter drip edge that helps to control any water runoff. The style of this awning is also able to be designed with a curved top or front for a more unique look. Another style of awning that we provide is the Bahama Style Metal Awning. This style of awning has become very popular with clients in recent times, and it’s exactly like the standard style except with wings that are left open. Our Convex Style Metal Awning holds an awning design with a rolled front with flat ends (wings), and these wings are able to be left open or closed just like the Bahama Style awning. Our Concave Style Metal Awning is designed in the same style as the Convex, except that the awning body curves inward rather than towards the outside, and like the Bahama Style awning, it also has wings that are able to be left open or closed.


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Sundance Architectural Products is an awning company Orlando residents rave about, and we offer a variety of metal window awnings to suit your needs. Call us for your next home remodeling project!