Fabric Awnings are the cost-effective solution to provide shade and beauty to any project. Learn about our commercial awnings.

Step 1) Initial Meeting

We will go over the design. We typically ask for a site photo from the client to review the structural integrity and wall material for the proposed project. It also helps to direct Sundance Architectural Products, LLC on logistical matters such as parking trucks and any other last minute issues as we try to create the most efficient processes.

Step 2) Site Analysis

This happens after we have a contract and it is the process in which the drawings are completed by one of our drafters. We also send a project manager out for field measuring, so that we can be precise in our calculations for material and labor.

Step 3) Design Phase

Our clients provide us with the design and style they are looking for from the blueprints. If the client chooses, we can provide the renderings for this phase, but we do charge an additional fee. We can help them select a color for the fabric and powder coat color by sending them samples digitally and through the mail, so they can touch the fabric and see the material in person. We can send paint chip samples as well which we do by spraying a piece of aluminum with the color the client is interested in.

Step 4) Specialty Options

Should the client have a specific design in mind, we can water jet and create graphic designs for fabric printing. The water jet allows to get an exact cut from the aluminum to provide the client with the most professional results every time.

Step 5) Installation

Our team of trained and reputable installers come to your site to bring your vision to life.