Do You Offer Perforated Wall Panels? Can They Be Powder Coated?

perforated metal panels in orlando

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It is finally time to paint over your perforated metal panels. Why not let the professionals handle it? At Sundance Architectural Products, we are individuals who are specifically trained to make your business look stunning with our powder coating. We offer the best powder coating Orlando.


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From our experience, most home renovation projects start because the paint is beginning to fade away from parts of your house. This makes the whole place begin to look old and dull! While we are certainly all for starting new projects we recognize it’s not cost effective or wise at all to repaint with the same type of liquid base paint that essentially failed you in the first place! Sure, your house will potentially look the part for a couple of months, but sooner rather than later you will be right back to where you started. From our own previous bad experiences with liquid paint at Sundance Architectural Products, we began using powder coating for all of our projects. In our experience, powder coating Orlando area businesses and homes should almost be a must! The process is very simple the paint coat is applied by airbrush then heat treated to form a thicker coat that will stick to the surface for a longer period. This process has been used in the car industry for years, but somehow is not so commonly used to things around the house. With a proper powder coating, things like the gates and doors around your house will have a clean look for a more extended period. With the amount of rain and sun they get every year in the Orlando area you will definitely appreciate the extra help and not having to repaint every year.


What is A Perforated Metal Panels?

This panel system can be designed using metal sheets that are perforated with different styles of holes to give a unique look to your panel system. The panels are attached to a framework which is made up of metal tubing or angle. The metal sheets can be either aluminum or stainless steel and the perforated holes can be round, square, diamond or oval. Hole sizes and the amount in a square foot will determine the amount of light that will pass through the sheet. Sundance also has the capability to custom water jet cut any hole design or pattern you require into a sheet up to 6’ x 12’ long. All components of the panel system can be powder coated in a number of colors, or they can be anodized if required.


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Give your business the benefit of perforated metal panels. You get a chance to beautify your business. Companies and industries across the country are already doing it, so why haven’t you? Since 1984 Sundance Architectural Products has been employing industry leaders dedicated to providing superior quality turn-key solutions through custom design, manufacturing, and installation of commercial awnings, canopies, solar shade systems, and exterior metal wall panels. We are here for you! Call us today for more information. We offer the best powder coating Orlando.