Polycarbonate Canopies

About Our Polycarbonate Canopies

Lightweight & Translucent

Not only are they lightweight, but a key feature of polycarbonate is its transparency. I helps enhance daylight when integrated into structures like a canopy.

UV & Hail Resistent

Polycarbonate Canopies are tested to ASTM standards for hail impact to ensure against the most inclement weather conditions. They co-extrude a high-performance U.V. coating to the exterior surface to ensure optimal performance under prolonged exposure to the harshest sunlight.  They are also third-party tested and certified by ASTM standards for accelerated weathering.


Polycarbonate Canopies have a high impact strength. They meet the requirements and safety standards for translucent glazing in public and private work environments.

Environmentally Friendly Material

The process of extruding polycarbonate involves very low energy consumption and has a minimal impact on the environment. Polycarbonate is an energy-efficient solution and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Popular Polycarbonate Canopy Styles