Personalize Your Building with Powder Coat Colors

powder coat colors in orlando

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Construction projects are challenging, they require planning and proper execution of every single aspect including the minute details. Giving your property a coat of paint is an integral part of any project. There are different ways to apply paint to various surfaces, among them powder coating is one of the most effective methods to give you a perfect finish on any surface. Sundance Architecture in Orlando provides a wide range of powder coat colors leaving you spoilt for choice. Contact us today!

Find Attractive Powder Coat Colors

The powder coating industry has transformed over the years. The technology used for powder coating today offers a variety of attractive colors for different types of surfaces. The processing and application methods in use today are far more superior than the technology used in the past. Most of the conventional materials used in powder coating today are available in the premix form already mixed and ready to be used as a powder-based coating.

Achieving Color Harmony in Powder Coating

To add harmony to the colors you pick for powder coating, most of them are developed as monochromatic and analogous colors. The pigments for colors are added later to add depth and richness to the color you picked. Aluminum pigments are the best choice for powder coating near me. When these color pigments are used in an appropriate size, they offer a silky satin feel with a sparkling glittering look to any surface.

Choose Striking Colors

Most powder coating services provide excellent color matching services. To get the color of your choice you need to visit a service that offers powder coating near me. Most service providers have an archive of colors that allows you to choose any of the colors available. The customers can choose over 6000 colors and texture combinations from the color inventory. Usually, the service provider will not charge you extra for choosing a color but you might need to wait for at least 5 to 10 business days for your custom-made powder coat color to arrive. The reason for the delay is that the powder coat must be created from scratch to match your individual requirements.

No More Over Sprayed Colors

The best feature of using powder coating is that it helps reduce over spraying because the powder coat allows you to collect the powder and use it again for a different coat. This method is cost effective and helps you reduce the risk of overspray. Many companies offering powder coating near me in Orlando will help you save up money with reduced overspray.  

Considerable Reduction in Waste

As the powder coating supplies can be used repeatedly, the procedure causes minimal or in some cases no wastage at all. Any unused powder coat in any color is safely returned to the hopper, where the powder is filtered back through the system formulating it to be used in an entirely new construction project. Hence, it is safe to say that the reusability of powder coating is good for the environment and your pocket.  

Contact Us

Sundance Agriculture provides different powder coat colors in Orlando Florida. Our powder coating is applicable to various materials. If you have questions regarding powder coating process or if you want to get a quote on your next building project, you can reach us at (407) 297-1337/1.800.940.1337 or you can write to us at [email protected].