Give Your Decorative Metal Shutters a Color Kick!

powder coating colors in orlando

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Ever thought of incorporating metal shutter to your home or business in order to make some curb appeal. The best think about doing this is you get a chance to let your creativity shine. You do this with incorporating powder coating colors. Every color has a different meaning and can be tailored to your personal taste or even to what your business represents. Here at Sundance Architectural Products, we are here to shed some light on what each color represents. You will never need to google the phrase “powder coating near me,” again.


What Does Each Color Represent?

  • Orange: Orange tells guests that you like to entertain. The color also means that an individual enjoys a good challenge.
  • Red: During olden times, red represented a hospitable home. However, today it is another way to say “welcome.” When red is integrated into a home, it usually gives the idea that a person likes to live their life fully.
  • Blue: This color typically represents peace and truth. It is said this color represents those who are well grounded and true to themselves.
  • Gray: This color is trendy in modern culture. It also represents those who are said to be indecisive and prefer compromise.
  • Green: This color suggest that traditional values lay within. People who live under this color are ambitious and strive for personal betterment. THink of money. This means they are good with their finances.
  • Black: The color of control and order. This simple shade gives the reflection of elegance from style within.
  • White: Clean. Very simple. It represents a journey into an organized home.
  • Brown: Indicates that people are warm, reliable, and stable. They also are quite fond of the Earth. They can keep an even head and are often viewed as trustworthy.
  • Yellow: While intensifying curb appeal, this also represents those who are logical and creative. This color represents a positive attitude. Think of those who are morning people.
  • Turquoise: While this color is weird for some, however, it is perfect for those who crave emotional balance. Turquoise shows big hopes and dreams. With this color, everything is possible.
  • Pink: Hopeless romantic. It is safe to say this color also is categorized as thoughtful, cheery, and generous.
  • Purple: This is color is risky because it is very scarcely used. It shows that you are comfortable with taking risks, dreaming big, and thriving on your free spirit.


We Specialize In Powder Coating Colors

From our own previous bad experiences with liquid paint at Sundance Architectural Products, we began using powder coating for all of our projects. In our experience, powder coating Orlando area businesses and homes should almost be a must! The process is straightforward the paint coat is applied by airbrush then heat treated to form a thicker coat that will stick to the surface for a longer period of time. This process has been used in the car industry for years, but somehow is not so commonly used to things around the house. With a proper powder coating, things like the gates and doors around your home will have a clean look for a longer period of time. With the amount of rain and sun they get every year in the Orlando area you will appreciate the extra help and not having to repaint every year. Trust our powder coating near me.


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