Powder Coating Services vs. Plating

powder coating services in orlando

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Among different industrial metal finishing option the two of the most widely used methods are metal plating or elector coating and powder coating. Powder coating services and plating both involve the application of a coating to a substrate. Both types of coating offer protection from rust, corrosion, water damage, and adhesion for metal surfaces. Powder coating is essential for restoration and protection of different surfaces. Sundance Architectural Products, LLC provides a modern manufacturing process of powder coating for aluminum extruded parts in Orlando Florida. Contact us now.

The Difference between Powder Coating Services and Plating

Powder coating is different from plating in different ways but the biggest difference is in the application process. Powder coating process is completed by applying a free-flowing powder to a surface. Once the powder is evenly applied, the surface is left to cure under intense heat. The coating can be applied to different metal surfaces for added protection and water resistance. Powder coated surfaces are generally covered in paint instead of metal.


On the other hand, the plating process includes enhancing the properties of metal that allow it to to be used in different varieties in different industries. The metal plating process is different for every single industry sector. For example, a plating method used in the aerospace and defense industry might not be suitable for application in medical and telecommunication systems. The plating process offers the same protection for metal surfaces as powder coating Orlando; it further protects the metal components from abrasion and electrical conductivity.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating leaves a perfect finish on the surface that is stronger and long-lasting than a paint. It is the most desired way to apply paint when the surface is required to have a hard finish. Looking around your own home will help you find the different applications of powder coating. Refrigerators, ovens and other aluminum products generally have a powder coating Orlando application.


Environmentally Friendly

If you want a green and safe coating for any surface, powder coating is the best option. Powder coating does not contain volatile organic compounds or VOC’s in any segment of the entire coating process. Volatile organic compounds are one of the most common causes of air pollution, but using powder coating can help reduce the emission of VOC’s in the air.


Better Finishing

The latest powder coating technology gives a flawless and perfect finish to different surfaces including wrinkle, hammer tone, and texture. The powder coating can give you a smooth and silky finish at varying level of gloss.


Wide Application Range

A major benefit of using powder coating services over plating is that the former is applicable to different types of materials. From cars to old furniture powder coating Orlando provides a flawless application for a complete and even finish. It also offers more color options than plating with different translucent colors.

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Sundance Architectural Products, LLC provides a modern manufacturing process of powder coating services in Orlando Florida. Our powder coating is applicable to various materials. If you have questions regarding powder coating process or if you want to get a quote on your next building project, you can reach us at (407) 297-1337/1.800.940.1337 or you can write to us at [email protected].