Read How A Shade Canopy Can Improve Stadiums For Athletes


When outside, it’s important for us to protect our skin from the rays of the sun, especially when it comes to sports and athletes where heat becomes a big problem as well. For these reasons, providing adequate shade over your bleachers can be a great way to help provide both athletes and viewers more comfort while at your stadium. At Sundance Architectural Products, LLC in Orlando, we work with various companies on installing quality architectural features that add both functionality and style, such as with metal awnings. When it comes to stadiums, we recommend investing in a shade canopy over your bleachers to create that extra layer of sun protection.


What Makes Sundance Special

If you’re interested in investing in an architectural project around the Orlando area, then Sundance Architectural Products, LLC may be one of your best options. This is because our services extend to every aspect of the architectural project process. In many cases, getting a new architectural feature installed on your building or complex requires work from several different specialists. You need someone to design the feature, someone to identify the requirements for installing the feature, and someone to do the installation. This means that working with us is not only easier, but it also takes less time overall and saves you money. Because you don’t need to pay three separate companies, you don’t need to worry about paying three sets of additional fees.


How a Shade Canopy Improves your Stadium

When considering the installation of some form of shade for your stadium, there are two areas which benefit: the athlete’s experience and the viewer’s experience. Naturally, both are important for the quality of the stadium and the experience you provide, but how exactly are these areas enhanced?


With athletes, these are people working hard and performing feats of great physical stress. These will leave them sweating, hot, and tired, especially in Florida where it can feel like summer for ten months out of the year. Adding shade to their seating area while off the field helps keep them cool and comfortable. This not only makes them happy but also improves their performance and allows for a better viewing experience.


For your guests, sitting out in the sun for hours can feel like you’re baking in an oven. Even though your viewers aren’t actually the ones playing (and are thus not building up the sweat the athletes are), they still can overheat in too much sun. The added shade gives them just as much comfort and also helps prevent unnecessary sunburns.


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Whether you’re looking for a shade canopy for your stadium or even some metal awnings for your storefront, Sundance Architectural Products, LLC is here. For businesses around the Orlando area, we can provide a seamless, one-stop-shop experience when it comes to purchasing and installing architectural features. For us, it’s not just about functionality but also design. We believe quality products don’t need to compromise aesthetics, so you can rest assured that you’ll not only receive top-quality products but also those that compliment your outdoor space. To learn more about our products, contact us through our website.