Read How Covered Walkways Improve Safety & Reduce Heat!

covered walkways in Orlando

At Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, we believe that architectural design has the potential to both enhance the aesthetics of your building’s exterior but also provide functional benefits that you and your clientele can enjoy. One such architectural feature that we would love to talk more about today would be covered walkways. These are sections of walkways that provide overhead coverage and can be found around the exterior of your building. Depending on the kind of business and what features you have outside, you could get a lot of functional benefits from adding these walkways around your exterior. We are located in Orlando.


Other Products by Sundance

We at Sundance specialize in all forms of exterior architectural features. If you aren’t particularly interested in adding a covered walkway to the exterior of your building, then perhaps some of these options may be better for you instead:

  • Awnings & Canopies
    • Another way to provide cover and shade is with awnings or canopies. Awnings are a simple and straightforward choice that can cover the space above your door or windows. Canopies can be more dynamic, providing wider coverage around your building depending on your needs.
  • Decorative Wall Panels
    • Make the exterior of your building stand out with decorative wall panels. These eye-catching features will look amazing and pull more people into your business.
  • Solar Power
    • Why not add solar panels to your building? Solar power is a great way to take your business in a greener direction while also saving on your monthly power bills as the stored solar energy gets used up in place of general electricity.

We also offer powder coating for any products you get. Customize the look and style of your architectural features with the color of your brand to add a unified feel to your building.


More About Covered Walkways

The first thing that can be said about these architectural features is that they provide shade and coverage from the sun. Here in Florida, the hot sun can be a huge impact, so having cover over your walkways can be a huge benefit. Take a college campus, for example. If they have multiple buildings students might have to travel between, having cover for them on their walkways means that students will be protected from the sun as they go from one class to the next. It isn’t just about heat protection though, as a covered walkway also provides added safety and cover from the weather. Getting caught in the rain could leave someone at risk of getting sick. In short, a covered walkway provides protection from sunlight, heat from the sun, the weather, and debris that could fall from the top of your nearby buildings.


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If you’re interested in adding covered walkways to the exterior of your building, then let us at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC be the ones to provide this for you. We’ve helped many businesses around Orlando, and we’re excited to work with you, too. Contact us for more information on our products.