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Offering versatility, the Retractable Awning is a sophisticated and durable option.

Why Should You Get a Retractable Awning with Sundance Architectural Products? 

Does your business or home need a retractable awning? This can be very beneficial to your commercial businesses. At Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, we pride ourselves in being a leading provider of awnings including restaurant awnings, hotel awnings, storefront awnings, bar awnings, and entrance canopies. We are an awning company Orlando residents trust.

What Are Retractable Awnings?

The tent or roof-like structure that provides shelter to people from sun and rain is called awning. The materials which are commonly used in the manufacture of awnings are corrugated fiberglass, polycarbonate, and aluminum. These materials are long lasting and do not get damaged even during bad weather. Awnings are made from canvas, plastic, and fabric.

Today, a retractable awning is preferred by most of the people due to the growing environmental awareness. It comes in various sizes, patterns, and colors. Purchase the awnings that suit the architectural design of the home. The awnings on usage increase the beauty of the building façade. Technic designed and engineered a Retractable Roof solution that is simply programmable to give each operator control over individual awnings and additionally a wide range of automatic override functions.

Store fronts with a retractable commercial awning benefit greatly in a variety of aspects that directly impact their bottom line. Incorporate your company’s logo on the awning for increased branding and improve the overall look of the commercial property. Additionally, awnings offer a unique expansion opportunity for stores to expand their customer capacity as well as protect their customers during harsh weather.

Features of a Retractable Awning

  • It provides protection and shade for the elements and the shade provides primary comfort.
  • On usage, it brings down the indoor temperature to a certain extent and minimizes the use of air conditioners, which eventually reduces your energy bills and saves energy.
  • It protects the outdoor areas from rain and wind.
  • It serves as allergen protection, and it provides lots of privacy.
  • It could be used for any kind of outdoor areas like patios, seating areas, and other indoor areas.
  • It is possible to use the retractable awnings in accordance with the different weather conditions by changing the slopes.

Let Us Help You!

Sundance is proud of offering versatility. The retractable awnings we provide are a sophisticated and durable option. A lateral or telescopic arm Retractable Awning uses spring or gas powered arms to provide tension to the fabric as it rolls from the drive tube. The Retractable Awning uniquely extends as needed offering great utility.

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Give your business the benefit of a retractable awning. You get a chance to beautify your business. Companies and industries across the country are already doing it, so why haven’t you? Since 1984 Sundance Architectural Products has been employing industry leaders dedicated to providing superior quality turn-key solutions through custom design, manufacturing, and installation of commercial awnings, canopies, solar shade systems, and exterior metal wall panels. We are here for you! 


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