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Knocked it out of the park, gentlemen…Thank you so much for making it a priority! Our owner is extremely pleased to see this complete.
Adam Hall


I’m extremely happy working at Sundance Architectural Products. I’ve always wanted to work for a growing company that respects it’s employees and this place is doing amazing. Because of my previous management experience I’ve been given so much opportunity and genuinely thanked for my input to help the company. It’s usually really difficult to suggest improvements and the owner even care. These guys care and they are willing to listen. I really enjoy my co-workers, management, and couldn’t be more happy to build my career here.
Nicole Ellis-Perez

It appears the post below was done in error. However, my involvement with the company has been only positive. I found their company to be very organized, as well as, inventive and leaders in a specialized field.
Marlon Rosario

A Leader in Architectural Building Products Since 1984

Since its inception over 3 decades ago, Sundance Architectural Products, LLC has been committed to providing the highest quality architectural building products in the industry. Fast forward to now, and it is now one of the largest architectural product manufacturers in the southeast!

How did we get to where we are? Simple…YOU. Without your support, referrals and feedback, this company could never have grown to the level it is at today. The core values and mission remain strong to this day and each year continue to refine and grow as the company does.

Thank You For Your Reviews About Our Architectural Building Products

By employing industry leaders that want nothing more than to provide superior quality, turn-key solutions through custom design, manufacturing and installation, business owners, builders and architects have told others throughout the years about the quality products and service that Sundance Architectural Products, LLC provides.

Many of you have left your feedback and reviews online. We thank you for this. Without your valuable feedback, we would never grow. As time passes, so do building designs and concepts. New materials enter the market, new trends emerge, and staying at the forefront of it all and creating products that surpasses the expectations of our clients is truly what keeps us moving.

Very professional, if you need custom awnings, cabanas, shade systems or any other decorative archestructural need, these are the guys for the job! Highly recommend!!
Jeremy J. Honis

I’ve worked for Sundance for about a month. I have enjoyed the experience so far. The people I get to work with are dedicated to doing a great job, no matter their position. Some employees have been here for years. The ones who haven’t talk of being here until they retire, and they are my age!
Michael Shannon

The level of customization Sundance Architectural Products can provide is unmatched! Great company!
Josh Gwadosky

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In addition, please be clear and specific as to the speed in which your project was completed in accordance to the schedule created. How did we handle unforeseen circumstances or did any even arise? Could anything have been done to improve your overall experience? How did each and every Sundance Architectural Products, LLC employee treat you? Did we meet or exceed your expectations?

All of these points are valid and will allow readers online just like you, how are looking for a highly-experienced architectural products company to get a better understanding of what we have to offer.

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We would be honored to help you make your design a reality. Contact us today to obtain valuable information and a custom quote on our architectural building products for your project. We look forward to working with you. Call Sundance Architectural Products, LLC in Orlando today at (407) 297-1337 and let us know if you have any further questions. Feel free to browse through our portfolio of work here.

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All of our products are custom designed and manufactured just for your project.
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