We challenge you to find a more complete line of custom architectural products in a “turn-key” solution format.


One of the most economical ways to provide shade and beauty to a project is a Fabric Awning. The design styles are endless with these types of architectural products, whether your building architecture has curved lines, straight lines or needs a 3rd dimension, we can custom design a fabric awning that will work for you. Our team of designers can suggest a style that will meet all of your needs.

Our methods are modern, efficient and environmentally friendly. We save our General Contractors money and time with our forward thinking and planning. Don’t give a blank check to an inexperienced company that cannot handle such a full range of exterior architectural products.

Shading, Shutters & Solar

Since 1984, Sundance Architectural Products, LLC has been designing the highest quality Shade Systems & Decorative Shutters. Recently, Sundance has expanded into extruded aluminum Solar Panel Frame products. Our shade structures include:

  • Flat shade louvers
  • Perforated metal shades
  • Flat shutter (Colonial style)
  • Decorative Bahama shutter
  • Hurricane shutter
  • Solar frames

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We offer a variety of advanced architectural products that include: decorative handrails, decorative wall panels and ACM cladding.

Custom Handrail Systems

  • Double Rail
  • Triple Rail
  • Glass Rail
  • Custom Rail

All Sundance handrails are fully welded, not screwed or clipped together. Our advanced architectural products are made to be the solution you need.

Custom Structures

Our team of designers and engineers work carefully with architects and clients to determine the optimum fabric solution for each custom structure project. We only use the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC. We provide:

  • Fabric Structures that are both functional and beautiful.

  • Support Structures that can be fabricated from steel or aluminum designed to meet local building code requirements.

  • Fabrics & Membranes that are designed for maximum performance. Fabrics range from coated fiberglass to vinyl laminates and meshes.

Engineering & Design

Engineering Design is a process. Our design team is skilled at problem-solving and can identify possible solutions at each phase of the project. The Sundance Architectural Products, LLC method is to develop conceptual and detailed renderings that ensure our product functions, performs, and does so for many years to come. As an engineer designer, we love a new challenge and can help make wild design ideas a reality. Contact us now to get started.

Installation Services

Sundance Architectural Products, LLC is the only specialty contractor who offers an extensive line of architectural elements for your exterior. We help you save money and time through our highly efficient package services. We can design, engineer, and install all your exterior architectural elements, and thus allow you to bundle all of the elements of exterior architectural remodeling into one contract, cutting down on both cost and time. With installed building products, you save so much time!

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjets can cut any solid material including stone, tile, glass, metal, foam, rubber, plastic, and food. When compared with plasma, laser, and EDM – waterjet cutting has distinct advantages. If you seek water jet cutting Orlando architects and builders are contacting Sundance Architectural Products, LLC to create designs for them. In addition to no heat-affected zones, the benefits and applications for waterjet technology are limitless and ever-expanding.

With waterjet, you get a satin smooth edge right off the table. With other cutting technologies there’s often secondary processing required to get that same satin-smooth edge that waterjet produces.

Powder Coating

The Benefits of Powder Coating

From our own previous bad experiences with liquid paint at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC we began using powder coating for all of our projects.To us, powder coating Orlando area buildings and metal structures should almost be a must! Most renovation projects start because paint is beginning to fade away. This makes the whole structure begin to look old and dull! While we are certainly all for starting new projects, we recognize it’s not cost effective or wise at all to repaint with the same type of liquid base paint that essentially failed you in the first place! Sure, your product will potentially look the part for a couple of months, but sooner rather than later you will be right back to where you started.


Need Large Format Printing Services?

Beautifying buildings is out motto at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, and one option we provide in order to accomplish this mission is the printing of large graphics on special materials that can be placed outside of buildings. Whether it the architect or building owner is looking to create an impactful building entrance, add color or simply convey a message on their structure, these large are convenient solutions.

Want to learn about the latest industry design trends? Visit Architectural Products’ Magazines website here.

All of our products are custom designed and manufactured just for your project
Nothing comes “off the shelf”.

Sundance provides a superior product and service which is aligned with our company’s core values. This is why we have relied on them for many years.

John Jennings

Vice President, Jennings and Sons, Inc.


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