Solar Shade Systems

Sundance offers a framework for solar panels in a variety of situations, including frames, supports, and connectors.

Our Solar Panels and Solar Shades 

The solar energy market is approximately $28 billion in the United States (2017) with aluminum extrusion helping to convert sunlight to green power with strong and lightweight state-of-the-art frames and structures for the solar energy industry.  Sundance offers a framework for solar panels, also known as solar shades, in a variety of situations, including frames, supports, and connectors. 

Benefits of Solar Shades from Sundance Architectural Products

Our products made from aluminum offer numerous benefits over other metal choices:

  • Aluminum tresses offer a strength that is comparable to heavier steel options so it can maintain stability needed to resist shifting caused by wind or other stresses on a solar panel array.
  • Aluminum frames and supports are lighter than other metals, making them easier to transport and assemble.
  • Aluminum is corrosion-resistant adding to the weather-resistant advantages of these solar panel architectures.
  • The malleability of aluminum permits flexibility in the design of supports and frames for solar panels.  Extruded aluminum tubing can be connected at atypical and exact angles while requiring fewer parts and connections. This provides the necessary accuracy in the alignment of solar panels for maximum energy yield.
  • Aluminum is recyclable.

The benefits of extruded aluminum are becoming increasingly apparent, regardless of where in the USA the mounting systems are located.  It proves to be easy to use and economical for a number of reasons. (North American Clean Energy Report, 2015).