Need Custom Handrails For Your Building? We Can Help!

stair handrail in orlando

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When going through a renovation, trying to find the perfect style to compliment your business is vital. Whether you are opening a new business or remodeling an old one, your decorative style should make a statement. This statement could be made with something as simple as a custom stair handrail or something as bold as exterior metal wall panels. Whatever you decide, Sundance Architectural Products is Orlando’s best source for your exterior architectural needs.

Adding Style to Your Building

We walk and drive past dozens of different types of business buildings on a daily basis. Depending on the area you are in, sometimes they can all blend into each other; a building is just a building. Think of a business you pass on a regular basis; what stands out to you? Is the building a bright color? Perhaps it has a statute or a fountain in front of it? Maybe it’s just a plain building like all the others. Case in point, if you want yours to stand out, it has to have an individual style. That is where we come in. At Sundance, we believe style and functionality go hand in hand. While most of our most notable work stems from shutters, awnings, and tension shade structures; we can also help design and install other architectural elements like handrails. We can even go as far as designing custom exterior metal wall panels to add a splash of color or artistic elegance to your building.

How Can a Stair Handrail Add to My Style?

It is true; to many, a handrail is like a building- it can be just like the next. There’s only so much else a handrail is useful for other than it’s intended purpose. However, the style of handrail you choose can enhance the feeling of your property. Along with custom rails, Sundance offers these handrail styles:

  • Double Rail
    • One horizontal rail on top and one on bottom joined by vertical pickets
  • Triple rail
    • This style is the same as the double, except it has two top rails with an unobstructed gap between the two
  • Glass Rail
    • These can be made in the style of the double or triple rail; instead of pickets, spaces are designed to fit thick sheets of glass

It doesn’t matter what kind of property you own; many buildings need some sort of handrail for accessibility and convenience for any patrons who might require one. Whether you want the most economical and traditional option of the double rail or the sleek modern look of the glass rail, Sundance can help you design the right handrail for your property.

Contact Us

If you want to update your Orlando area property with a new stair handrail, call or visit Sundance Architectural Products today to set up a consultation. If you’re looking to add something truly unique to your property, ask us about our custom exterior metal wall panels. Let us help you make an impression!