Backyard Sun Shade Ideas

sun shade in orlando

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Everyone knows that prolonged sun exposure can be hazardous to your health, especially living in Orlando, Florida. That doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your time outdoors just because of the excessive sunshine. With the help of Sundance Architectural Products, you can find the sun shade setup that is right for you. With lots of shade structures and varied materials, the options are almost endless. Whether you’re looking for fabrics like fiberglass or vinyl or heavier metal awnings, Sundance can help find the best possibilities for your project.

Sundance and Their Varied Work

The professionals at Sundance have worked on many different types of projects and each one with their own shade structures. These structures vary from large awnings, shades, even tension structures. The effectiveness of each shade is determined by the needs and wants of the client. Some businesses, for instance, only want small window awnings. While these may not provide much in the way of shade or protection, they add a stylistic element to any building. The same goes for shutters. Functional shutters aren’t as popular as they once were, but decorative shutters are still popular with many home and business owners. Their creativity knows no bounds! Sundance has created shade structures for nearly any kind of building; business, residential, even amazing creations for theme parks! With their creative edge and a wide variety of high, high-quality materials, every job ends with a unique and spectacular shade structure that would make any Floridian want to spend more time hanging around outside.

Great Backyard Sun Shade Ideas

With the creation of social media and various home décor and do it yourself websites, people constantly want to update their homes now more than ever. That said, many are looking for more creative options to the most common issues. Everyone wants to be unique when it comes to changing anything these days, and with so many options available out there, it is easy to do just that. Case in point, when looking to add some kind of shade to a back yard or patio, options are ranging from a simple overhanging awning, retractable awnings (for days when you just want to lounge in the sun), there are even some shades with stylish new designs to make things extra interesting. Some of the most popular and more recent designs fall within the lines of tension structures. Some are designed to almost look like big tents, while others almost resemble triangular ship sails. With Sundance and their history with custom structures, they can help create something unique that fits any home or business perfectly.

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When battling the heat, Floridians need all the help they can get.. There can be a difference of up to 20 degrees when going in and out of a well-shaded area. These structures not only add character to a home or business, but they also provide legitimate protection from the effects of direct sunlight and add a cool refuge from the scorching Orlando heat. For more information on how we can help, call or visit Sundance Architectural Products today!