Pergola & Trellis Systems

The Perfect Sun Control Solution

The aesthetic appeal of Pergola and Trellis Structures makes them a great choice when looking to add beauty and form to the exterior of any building or outdoor space. These structures are designed and built using aluminum tubing to span between columns or walls to provide partial shading or a decorative element for outdoor areas. Each of the members are engineered for the spans required. They can be spaced closer together or farther apart depending on the look required. The ends of each tube can also be cut with various patterns for a unique look. Once fabricated, each Sunshade will either be powdercoated in house or anodized for a maintenance-free finish.

  • Shade & Curb Appeal
  • Rust Free Aluminum
  • Endless Customizations
  • Lightweight Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Engineered To Code
  • In-House Powdercoating
  • Reflect & Redirect Sunlight

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