Tension Structures

The Fabric Tensile Structure

The modern Fabric Structure combines the latest in space-age technology with a craft that has roots that stretch back to the dawn of human history. As in the past, the fabric tensile structure serves to satisfy the basic human need for shelter from the sun and rain, yet also to create excitement and visual impact. Sundance blends an understanding of the traditional craftsmanship of the past with the most recent developments in fabric, patterning, cutting, metal fabrication and installation technology to provide clients with fabric structures that are both functional and beautiful.

Support Structures

Our complete design facility includes engineering, fabrication, and installation for all framework and cabling. Structural support members can be fabricated from steel or aluminum designed to meet local building code requirements. Cables, masts, trusses, and frames are skillfully designed and built to integrate integrity with beauty in form to complement the overall appearance of each fabric tensile structure.

Fabrics & Membranes

A wide variety of materials have been developed and engineered for use in Fabric and Tension Structures each designed for maximum performance. Architectural fabrics range from coated fiberglass to vinyl laminates and meshes. They are available in either opaque or translucent styles, with fire retardant, thermal and UV resistant properties. Our team of designers and engineers work carefully with architects and clients to determine the optimum fabric selection based on the unique circumstances of each project.