The Benefits of a Dock Canopy For Your Business

Dock Canopy near Orlando

Architecture has two main purposes. The first is to be a functional space, and the second is to have an aesthetic charm to attract people to it. This is the core of our philosophy at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC. Are you a business that regularly receives inventory via unloading trucks but doesn’t have a covered space for your drop off? If so, then you may want to invest in a dock canopy. This is a metal canopy that’s usually used to cover an unloading area. Being in Florida, we in Orlando are no strangers to rain, and if you don’t have proper protection from the weather, you could end up rained on. This would make receiving inventory a much bigger challenge than necessary for your staff and the driver.


Get Your Canopy Powder Coated to Match Your Brand

One of the biggest advantages to working with us at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC is that all our products are custom-made for our clients. This not only means shape and material choices, but you’ll also have the option to powder coat your product. Match the color and design of your new canopy to that of your building and your brand. It’s a subtle touch but one that adds an extra element of professionalism and unity in your establishment. We emphasize communication when working with a client to ensure that the product they receive is exactly what they envision it to be. If you have a specific design in mind when looking for a product, be sure to communicate as clearly as possible, as that will help us bring your vision into reality.


Other Reasons to Get a Dock Canopy

As we mentioned, the big reason to invest in a canopy for your loading dock is to protect your team from the rain or other elements while unloading the truck. It’s not just rain that can be a problem, though. Here are some other ways that a canopy can benefit you:

  • Provides Shade
    • Your staff will appreciate the added shade while they’re lifting and moving boxes into your building. It will help keep the sun out of their eyes, as well as protect them from harmful UV rays that could otherwise cause a sunburn on employees unloading the truck over the span of potentially several hours.
  • Keeps The Area Cooler When it’s Hot
    • The shade not only protects your team’s eyes and skin, but it will also keep the area underneath a bit cooler. Orlando can get pretty hot during most of the year, so any extra ways to lower the temperature for your team is a good thing.
  • Protects Your Inventory
    • The shade isn’t just good for your staff but also your inventory. Depending on your setup, you may have boxes that could be left out at times. If the contents of your inventory are temperature-sensitive, this could pose a problem. Leaving them in the shade will help protect them from having their contents potentially melt.


Contact Us for a Metal Canopy Today

If you own a business in the Orlando area, but your loading dock is lacking a dock canopy to protect your team and your inventory from the elements, then we at Sundance Architectural Products, LLC are who you want to speak with. By partnering with us, we’ll provide for you the custom metal canopy designed specifically for your loading dock with your needs in mind. Contact us today to learn more about the products and services we offer or to begin your order of a new canopy.