The Benefits of ACM Wrapped Canopies Over Sheet Metal

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Have you considered adding a metal canopy to the exterior of your building? Canopies are excellent methods of not only providing cover for your guests from the sun and rain, but also act as stylish statement pieces that pulls in the eyes of nearby consumers. At Sundance Architectural Products, LLC, canopies have become one of our premier products, and because of this, we want to recommend ACM wrapped canopies. When it comes to ACM panel manufacturers, you can trust that Sundance will provide exactly what you need to accentuate your outdoor space. We are located in Orlando.


What Is ACM?

ACM stands or Aluminum composite materials and is used to describe what the product is made from. It was first introduced in 1969 in Japan and moved over to the west by the early 1980s. ACM is made by bonding thin aluminum to each side of a lightweight, thermoplastic core. The core itself is usually either polyethylene or fire-retardant material. The aluminium skin is usually about 0.5 mm thick, but thicker, 0.8 mm skins can also be found. The product is then finished with a primer on each side and a color coat on the outward-facing side. Another option is to add a clear coat on top of that to give the material a metallic or prismatic appearance.


Benefits Described by ACM Panel Manufacturers

First and foremost, why choose a canopy? As mentioned already, canopies provide a covered space for guests to protect them from the sun, rain, and other forms of weather. The main benefit in contrast to awnings would be the scale at which you can cover space. Awnings are more limited in the space that they can cover, but a canopy can extend farther and wider to create a more spacious covered area for guests to wait and mingle.


Other Benefits of canopies include:

  • Fire resistance with fire-retardant cores
    • With the proper cores, ACM is highly resistant to fire which makes them safer than many other forms of cover.
  • Customizable finishes
    • We mentioned how ACM can be primed with color coats and clear coats to add different aesthetics and styles. There are many different options with how to handle this, and it allows for stylistic expression when working on a canopy for your business. Customization options in this regard, helps you make the canopy work for you. 
  • Customizable designs
    • Just like how the finishes can be customized, so can the shapes and designs. Awnings have some flexibility, but follow the same general shape. Canopies are more free-form and allow you to be more creative with the outdoor space you have.
  • Modern aesthetics
    • Canopies have a very modern feel to them, which makes buildings more charming for many people. Modern buildings give off the sense of quality, as it sends the message that the company cares about maintaining their outer appearance. It also gives the message that your business is successful, and thus worthwhile.
  • Durable for long-term performance
    • ACM is exceptionally strong and made for long-term use. Despite this, they’re still lightweight, more affordable than many other metal options, and more environmentally sustainable as they require a third of the material as well.


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