The Practicality of Retractable Awnings For Commercial Buildings


Awnings are a fantastic addition to any outdoor space as they provide protection from all kinds of elements, from harsh sunlight to heavy rain. A step above the ordinary awning is the retractable one. With a retractable awning, you can control whether or not you want to cool under the shade or enjoy the warm sunshine on any given day. We at Sundance Architectural Products LLC are an awning company Orlando trusts when it comes to quality exterior architecture. We’d like to take a moment to share our experience on retractable awning price values as well as functionality to help you get a better understanding of the practicality of these options.


Why Get a Retractable Awning?

As we mentioned before, there are many reasons why you might want to get a retractable awning, or even just an awning at all. Awnings are fantastic for providing comfort for guests of your business in a lot of different ways. Retractable ones add a layer of customization to your awning so that you can make the decision of when it’s best to use it. During the cooler months, for example, getting to sit in the sunlight can be a much nicer experience than in the middle of summer. While Florida can certainly feel like summer for most of the year, some days from around October to March can cool down a bit just enough to make enjoying the sunshine a pleasant experience rather than a torturous one. What’s more, it can also be nice for business open later to retract the awning under a clear night sky and allow customers a better view of the stars.


Features for the Right Retractable Awning Price

Before you consider buying a retractable awning, or if not sure if you should, here are some of the features that such an awning will provide:

  • Protection and shade
    • As mentioned above, a retractable awning provides shade and cover from weather like rain and snow.
  • Can keep the indoors cooler
    • Retractable awnings can also be used to shade building windows from the sun, helping to keep that magnified heat out of the interior and keep it cooler. This also helps you save on power bills.
  • Adds privacy
    • The added cover gives interior windows more privacy for customers and can be nice fora  cozier experience.
  • Adaptable to different areas
    • Whether it’s around the exterior of your building, over a patio, or out in a seating area, there are many different setups where these awnings can be used.
  • Change in awning slope can be used for different kinds of weather
    • Not only are the awnings retractable, but you can also adjust their slope to counteract different kinds of weather.


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