Using an Outdoor Canopy to Protect Furniture from the Rain

Outdoor seating is becoming more important for patrons seeking to dine in. At Sundance Architectural Products, we understand that your business must be prepared for whatever Orlando weather has to offer. That is why we can outfit your patio seating area with an outdoor canopy to keep spaces open and usable even in wind and rain.

Benefits of an Outdoor Canopy

There are many reasons to have an outdoor canopy for your business. A properly designed and installed canopy can give your restaurant the boost that it needs to attract customers. Here is a small list of how our canopies can best benefit you:

Creates Curb Appeal

A beautifully built canopy can become a part of the appeal of your restaurant. Patrons who are seeking a spacious environment to enjoy their meal will look for restaurants that offer outdoor seating in style. With a canopy, you give everyone who sees your restaurant a glimpse into what they can experience when they dine in. Customers can see for themselves the quality and care that went into the design and they will gravitate toward that.

Allows for Increased Revenue

In a world where people are searching for places to eat that will give them plenty of room between them and their fellow diners, canopies are a must to keep capacity up. Having covered outdoor seating allows you to have more people in your restaurant while still giving your customers plenty of space.

Increases Weather Protection

How many restaurants are forced to shut down their outdoor seating because of a rain storm? Even a brief downpour can back up your services as your staff struggles to clean off wet furniture to accommodate diners. You won’t have that problem with a properly installed outdoor canopy. A canopy can keep your outdoor seating open even during bad weather and keep customers happy.

What We Can Deliver

Sundance Architectural Products is not just committed to providing beautiful canopies, but well-built and reliable canopies that will last your business for years to come. Our canopies are custom, so they fit any patio size. Our knowledgeable design team utilizes 3D rendering to create the perfect canopy. That is then passed on to our expert fabricators who make your canopy according to your exact specifications. Finally, our experienced installers head out to your business to bring your vision to life. With every step of the process taking place in-house, we can control the quality and the timeliness of our production. This ensures that you get the outdoor canopy that you want when you want it.

If style is important to you, you’ll be happy to know that it is important to us too. That is why we offer a wide array of colors for our canopies in designs that can be matched to the ambiance of your restaurant.

Contact Sundance Architectural Products Today

Are you interested in learning more about our outdoor canopies? We would be happy to help. At Sundance Architectural Products, we know your satisfaction is key. That is why we work with our customers to provide the desired results every time. Whether you are searching for a canopy for your patio seating or you are interested in one of our other services, please don’t hesitate to reach out.