How Does a Waterjet Work

Water Cutting in Orlando

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The way we do things is ever evolving. Technology is continuously being developed in every field, especially in the realm of building, creating, and renovating. In the past, if someone needed something cut to fit a particular space, they would have to use some kind of saw or, in recent years, laser cutting was a thing. Recently, waterjet cutting has entered the race as a convenient contender for the best method of cutting materials. For companies like Sundance Architectural Products that like to create custom creations with almost every job, this can be a useful tool. With this great new method of cutting materials coupled with powder coating Orlando can rest assured they will have great looking, durable products.

How Does It Work?

Basically, this efficient waterjet works as one might assume. Through an intricate system of high-pressure pumps, a stream of water is released at such a high power, it can cut through almost anything. In most cases, depending upon the material, an abrasive is also used to aid the cutting process. The waterjet can cut through virtually any material which can make your next renovation run smoothly. If you are replacing a granite countertop, the waterjet can cut through it perfectly, according to your measurements. It can even cut through glass; the waterjet is commonly used to cut glass for windows even things as small as smartphone screens. It can also cut through rubber and heavy-duty steel, like tools or mechanical parts. Once these parts are cut, they can be sent off to a facility that performs powder coating Orlando can count on to add some extra protection to their products; with some exceptions of course. Because powder coating is done using high heat, some products like plastics cannot be powder coated.

What are the Benefits of Waterjet Cutting?

Using a waterjet versus other traditional methods of cutting comes with a lot of benefits; making it one of the industry’s leading new tools.

  • The water jet can cut through almost any material
    • The one exception is extremely hard ceramics


  • Precision cutting
    • The waterjet has a PC based controller which allow the operator to use exact measurements to ensure everything is cut properly


  • Cold cutting is one of the most significant benefits of the waterjet
    • This is especially useful when cutting metals like stainless steel or alloys and more because added heat can cause weakness in the metal
    • This also increases the number of materials the waterjet can cut through versus other cutting methods

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When looking to add some flair to your property, trust the experts. With the use of waterjet cutting, they can ensure that every product will be cut smoothly and accurately. To add some extra protection, they can also add powder coating Orlando can enjoy; it comes in multiple colors and adds a layer of protection to keep it looking great for a long time to come. Call or visit Sundance Architectural Products for more information on this revolutionary new tool.