Water Jet Cutting

Waterjets can cut any solid material including stone, tile, glass, metal, foam, rubber, plastic, and food. When compared with plasma, laser, and EDM – waterjet cutting has distinct advantages. In addition to no heat-affected zones, the benefits and applications for waterjet technology are limitless and ever-expanding. With Sundance waterjet cutting services, you get a satin-smooth finish everytime!

On top of ultimate versatility, here are main benefits to waterjet cutting.

  • Cold Cutting Process This means no heat or stress is imparted into your cut materials.
  • Satin Smooth Edge This means you can take the part directly off of the cutting table, no secondary finishing required.
  • Minimal Kerf Minimal kerf and high accuracy combined with the ability to cut virtually any material means more opportunities.
  • Green Benefits Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process that eliminates slag deformation and dross waste – unfortunate effects found in plasma and laser cutting processes. Additionally, both the garnet used in abrasive cutting as well as the water are recyclable.
  • Waterjet Cutting Flyer

Cutting Axis: 3-Axis

Cutting Material: Metals, Composites, Stone & Tile, Glass

Pressure: 60,000PSI

Maximum Cut Size: 13’0″ x 6’0″

Maximum Cut Thickness: Up to 8″

Tolerance(+/-): 0.001 in